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A lot of sports have come come from different cultures, like soccer, racket ball, etc.

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Q: What sports have come from other cultures?
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What is the role of sports in other cultures?

Riot starters

Is there Racial discrimination in sports?

Yes there is racial dicrimination on sports, many of them happen in sports that include different cultures like Africa and many other cultures and ethnicitys!

Access to other cultures and their influence on your own culture is known as?

"when learning about other cultures,it follows that you come to think about your own culture more deeply"

Give 2 examples of geographical barriers and how they affected ancient Chinese influence of other cultures.?

ea sports

Can south African sport and soccer unite cultures?

Sports in South Africa, especially soccer and rugby, have certainly united cultures throughout the past and will probably continue to for many years to come.

Do sports unite or divide people and cultures?


Who invented the roman sports?

By definition, the Romans would have invented their sports; otherwise, the other sports from two thousand years ago (played in Grecian, Persian, and Native American cultures) were products of their own societies.

How did Confucianism come back into popularity?

It adapted other belief systems to change for new cultures

How does history shape a culture?

History often shapes the culture by causing people to come in contact with other cultures. When this happens, the cultures are changed because of that contact.

Why are sports and the arts important to cultures?

because cultures has thire own sport an it's a big thing to their culture.

How did europeans learn about other cultures?

they learned about other cultures by exploration

How are racial integration and professional sports connected?

I think that it just says that in the world of sports, there could be interracial teams and therefore, the cultures and practices of such race that belongs in one team with other races.

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