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Q: What sports figure earned over 90 million in endorsements from 1997 to 1999?
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How much does Kevin Durant earn in endorsements?

According to Sports Illustrated' Fortunate 50, Durant makes $14 million in endorsements.

What does endorsements in sports mean?

Endorsements are deals signed by sports figures to represent a product for pay.

Which sports figure has earned the most money of all-time?

Stephen Morgan

What is the list of the top ten world's richest sports men?

1. Mitchell Hartley - NFL Giants - 38 Million 2. Tom Alford - NBA - New Orleans Hornets - 37 Million 3. Henry Schrier- Boxing - Featherweight - 29.5 Million Not including endorsements

Which sports person has the most endorsements?

The Highest Endorsed Athlete is Peyton Manning (NFL).

Who is the highest paid sports person in the world?

The highest paid sports person in the world is golfing great Tiger Woods with annual earnings of 110 million including endorsements. He is closing in on earning over 1 billion dollars from his 13 year career.

How much money does Kevin durant earn?

According to Sports Illustrated's Fortunate 50, Durant made $20,053,663 in this last season. $14 million of those were endorsements, while the other $6,053,663 is his salary.

Who makes the most in Professional Sports?

This is a tough question give that I'm not sure if you mean with or without endorsements ...But, to answer your question Basketballs Shaq has made the most money out of any NBA player sticky playing ball while Golfs "Tiger" Woods has made $110 million in 2010 alone w/endorsements ...

When did NBC Sports Figure Skating happen?

NBC Sports Figure Skating happened in 2006.

When was NBC Sports Figure Skating created?

NBC Sports Figure Skating was created on 2006-02-03.

How much does Tiger Woods make a year?

Tiger Woods's earnings are completely dependent on the number of tournaments he plays in and how he finishes. In 2008, he made approximately $12 million playing golf and an additional $110 million in endorsements from sponsors such as Buick and Nike -- making him the highest-earning sports star.

Who is the wealthiest sports figure in the world?

The wealthiest sports figure in the world is definitely Michael Jordan, who is valued at 1 billion dollars.

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