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15 athletes from the Philippines are scheduled to participate in Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Diving, Shooting, Swimming, Taekwondo, and Weightlifting.

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Q: What sports does Philippines participate in the Summer 2008 olympic games?
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What sports does Vietnam participate in the summer 2008 Olympic games?

Vietnam has sent a team of 23 athletes to the 2008 Games to participate in the following sports: Athletics, Badminton, Gymnastics, Shooting, Swimming, Table tennis, Taekwondo, and Weightlifting.

What are the summer olympic sports?


How much sports are in the summer olympic games?

There are 26 sports.

What are the 5 Olympic summer sports?

becuse it is.

How many sports will be played during the Summer 2012 Olympic games?

there will be 12 sports in the summer olympics.

What olympic sports do only males participate in?

Noffin every Olympic games is played by a woman aswell :)

What 3 sports made there debut at the 2002 summer Olympic games?

The Summer Olympic Games did not take place in 2002.

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Tennis and triathlon are summer Olympic events. Track cycling is an Olympic event.

What year were women allowed to participate in ladylike Olympic sports?

The first Olympic Games in which women participated were those of Amsterdam, in 1928.

What sports does India participate in the Summer 2008 Olympic Games?

India has qualified 47 competitors that will compete in 13 sports: Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Boxing, Judo, Rowing, Sailing, Shooting, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Weightlifting, and Wrestling.