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soccer Basketball and cricket

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2009-10-07 18:21:51
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Q: What sports does Germany play?
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What sports were played in Nazi Germany?

they didnt play sports they played table games

What sports activities does Germany have?

Germany has a Soccer League called the Bundesliga in which the top teams play. And many, many other sports.

What kind of sports do they play in Germany?

There are many different types of sports in Germany but the main one is soccer. They also ski and do many winter sports. Hiking is a popular activity.

Do the people in Germany play sports?

They play soccer, football, tennis, golf, boxing, mini golf,and singing!

What Germany looks like outside?

What does Germany look like? What kind of music do German people like? What sports do they play?

Do kids in Europe play organized sports?

i have lived in Europe Germany to be exact and yes they do play organized sports mostly basketball and soccer though hoped this helped.

What sports are played in Germany because no website gives me the correct answer?

I'm from Germany, I came 6 years ago. There are really no other sports in Germany than there are in Canada. Except they don't play hockey, that's about the only difference

What are some sports people play in Germany?

One of the most popular sports in Germany is soccer. The national team has won the World Cup three times! Germans also are very good at racecar driving and are home to many gret stars! They play a lot of wintersports since the Alps are in the south of Germany.

How do you say you play sports?

"I play sports"

Do you say do sports or play sports?

Play Sports is the correct term and grammar.

Sports played in Germany?

this isn't a very discriptive question and does not have an answer. pleaser revise the question. but the Germans do play good soccer

What tipes of sports do they play in Germany?

In Germany they play every sport you can think of; soccer (football), tennis, squash, basketball, badminton, rugby etc whatever sport you would play anywhere else in the world is also played in Germany to some extend even if it is just a few kids out in a park

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