What sports does Bulgaria have?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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There are a lot of sports. The most popular is football. There are also volleyball Wrestling Basketball athletics and many more

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Q: What sports does Bulgaria have?
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What is the national sports in Bulgaria?


What is the most popular sports team in Bulgaria?

National Football Team of Bulgaria

What sports do Bulgaria play?

mostly soccer.

What are some sports of Bulgaria?


What types of sports are in Bulgaria?

Football, Voleyball, Weight lifting, Wrestling, Box

Why is Bulgaria so good?

at what? (economy, living standards, good looking, sports etc etc.) please specify!

What are the Bulgarian spots?

The bulgarian sports are the same as the english sports.I'm from Bulgaria,but i wish i could go to America and England.

When did Bulgaria become Bulgaria?

Bulgaria became Bulgaria in the year 681.

What is the word for Bulgaria in Spanish?

Bulgaria in Spanish is Bulgaria, or Republica de Bulgaria.

Which country has mountains Latvia Belarus or Bulgaria?


What European nation has the capital of sofia?

Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria.

What has the author Krum Vasilchev written?

Krum Vasilchev has written: 'Mass physical education and sport in Bulgaria' -- subject(s): Physical education and training, Sports