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Q: What sports does Andy Murray likes except tennis?
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What are some sports that Chile likes to play?

some sports that Chile likes to play is tennis, football and soccor.

What is Lucas Grabeel's favorite sports?

He likes tennis, football, and baseball

Which sports car Emma Watson likes the most?

volleyball tennis and badminton

What are tyra banks interests?

she likes fashion, sports ( tennis), hates running

What sports does Ariana Grande play?

Table tennis She likes to go swimming.

What is something interesting about Sally Ride?

she likes sports like tennis,runnning,volleyball and softball. she also likes stamp collecting

Does Nat Wolff play any sports?

Yea Nat plays tennis and Basketball and Alex likes to play tennis, basketball, and skateboarding.

What sports does Jackie Chan like?

Jackie Chan likes many different sports. His favorite is motor sports and motor racing. He also likes boxing, soccer, gymnastics, track and field, snooker, table tennis, and badminton.

What is each of the Jonas Brothers favorite sports?

Nick likes baseball and tennis, Joe's favorite sport is wiffle ball, and Kevin likes pole vaulting.

What does Tiger Woods do when he is not golfing?

He likes to go on his Yacht, and play other sports such as Tennis and Basketball. He also likes to spend time with his many celebrity friends and go watch other sports. He obviously likes spending time with his wife, children and mother.

What sports does Kristen Stewart play?

She played soccer and basketball when she was young. She likes to surf and plays tennis to stay in shape!

What is favorite sports of one direction?

they like american ball golf and hockey (international with laws) + niall likes tennis

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