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Q: What sports do they play in Portugal?
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Related questions

What sports do people in Portugal play?

Football, basketball, handball, volley, track, rugby. Mostly these.

Most played Sports in Portugal?

Soccer, Rink Hockey and Cycling are Portugal's national sports.

What are Portugal's main sports?

football and diving

Who is Portugal's there most famous sports person?


How do you say you play sports?

"I play sports"

What games do they in Portugal?

In Portugal we do all kinds of games but if you're talking about sports the most famous one is football

Do you say do sports or play sports?

Play Sports is the correct term and grammar.

What sports do Hindus play?

they play all the sports other people play

What are pay-to-play sports?

Pay-to-play sports require payments to play.

Why do boys like to play sports?

Boys are always in for the physical competition, individually or as a team. Sports offers them this, so they play sports and like to play sports.

Did critstiano ronaldo play for Portugal?

Yes he did play for Portugal, but before that he played for Manchester United and then he played for Spain but he played for Portugal in the world cup because that is his home town

What sport is Portugal most successful at?

Olympic Sports -Athletics ; Non-Olympic Sports - Roller Hockey (Quad)

What sports do afghans play?

Afghans play many sports. Some of sports were soccer (football), baseball, and many more. Girls were not play sports but they could watch.

Do malasians play the same sports Americans do?

No, actually they don't. They play some American sports but, they also play their own sports.

Do they play any sports?

Some people play sports, who are they?

How many girls play sports?

9,675,354 Play sports

Does Egypt play sports?

they do play sports...they play soccer which is call football. They also play basketball.

How many athletes are representing Portugal at the 2008 Olympics?

Portugal sent a team of 77 athletes that are scheduled to compete in 16 sports.

Does christiano ronaldo play for Portugal?

Yes, he plays for Portugal and Real Madrid.

Which companies specialize in offering cheap holidays in Portugal?

The companies which specializes in offering cheap holidays in Portugal are Adventures Sports Holidays, Golf Holidays Portugal and Cheap Holidays Algarve.

What kind of things do children like to do in Portugal?

Playstation, XBOX and sports.

Can you still play sports with a staph infection?

You do have the ability to play sports. YOU CAN DO IT.

What percentage of kids that play sports?

There is percically 65% that play sports!

What sports can you play when pregnant?

you cant play any sports when you are pregnant

What kind of sports does guineans play?

guinnie pigs not play sports