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The sports that the people in Chembakolli play are cricket, football and they also play Rugby. Indians were very good at it and they often do it during their free time.

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The most sports they do is running, rugby, football and cricket

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Q: What sports do they do in chembakolli?
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What are the most popular sports in Chembakolli?

There are several different sports that are played in Chembakolli. Among the most popular are Indian cricket and Indian rugby.

What sports does chembakolli play?

they play rugby

What sports do Chembakolli people play?


How do you pronounce chembakolli?


What is the weather in Chembakolli?

It is very hot in Chembakolli.

What is the population of Chembakolli?

125 households are in Chembakolli

Does it snow in Chembakolli?

No, it does not snow in Chembakolli.

Is chembakolli a villeg?

Yes Chembakolli is a village in India!

What is the story of chembakolli?

the rich people took chembakolli

What kind of crops do they grow in Chembakolli?

chembakolli, mangos, mangosteen.

How do you get to chembakolli from the UK?

Does Chembakolli Have toilets?

What do Chembakolli people eat?

Chembakolli is a village in India. It is in the state of Tamil Nadu.

What is the capital of Chembakolli?

Chembakolli is a small village in Tamil Nadu, India. It has no capital.

Is Chembakolli in Kerala?

Chembakolli is near Vaithiri in Kerala

Were is chembakolli?

Chembakolli is in the south of Asia

What are houses made of in chembakolli?

Houses in Chembakolli are made from wood smothered with cow poo.

What is the Language in Chembakolli?

Chembakolli is a town in Tamil Nadu, India. The official language there is Tamil.

What sort of food do they eat in Chembakolli?

Chembakolli is located in the state of Tamil Nadu in India. The people of Chembakolli eat fruits including pineapple, bananas, jackfruits and oranges.

Where About In India Is Chembakolli?

Chembakolli is a small village in Tamil Nadu. (south east region of India)

Where is Chembakolli located?

Chembakolli is the name of an Indian village situated in Tamil Nadu, a state of India.

How is Chembakolli connected to other places?

chembakolli is connected to other places by small roads and paths

What sort of animals are there in Chembakolli?

the main animals in chembakolli are elephants,bears,snakes and lizards sparkyadam

Is Chembakolli small?

Yes; the village of Chembakolli consists of about 100 houses scattered around a forest.

In chembakolli how many festivals do they have each year?

Chembakolli has around 63 festivals each year

Where is chembakolli?

Chembakolli is a village in India. It is in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is in the south of India surrounded by trees. It is located in the Nilgiri Hills. People in chembakolli are very poor and live on a very,unstable diet.Chembakolli grows tea and growing tea is important to them because it owns they own the land. A couple of years ago the people of Chembakolli used to live in the forest but then other non tribel people moved them. On Chembakolli live you can raise money for the people of Chembakolli because they are very poor and only get money by selling things. Chembakolli's closest town is Gudalur and its closest city is Mysore