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In most Professional sports like Rugby, football, Basketball, tennis the players get paid And in some cases A LOT!

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It depends what you play, who you play for, and how good you are. But the average athlete gets somewhere from five thousand to thirty million a year.

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Q: What sports do players get paid to play in the army?
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What is the name of people who get paid to play sports?

athletic players

Why dont NCAA players get paid to play?

Becuase NCAA is a college team and people who play sports for college don't get paid.

How much did olympic hockey players get paid to play?

they don't get paid to play in the olympics. it is a privalege to play

Do dodge ball players play for free or do they get paid for playing?

they get paid

How much does a GAA manager get paid?

The GAA is an amateur organisation so GAA players and managers do not get paid. Many would all have their own jobs or be students, and their GAA activities are basically done in their own time, in the same way that many people are involved in sports. Players and managers do get expenses and occasionally some payments.

Is it fair that baseball players are the most paid in sports?

In my opinion yes because they play a lot more games than any other sport. Football players only play up to like 20 games. In baseball, they play over 100 games. Plus baseball is a very athletic sport. Yes they may get paid more than they might deserve, but so do most sports figures.

Sports men should not earn miljions?

Okay so it does depend on what sports you play. I understand Hockey Players, Soccer Players, Football Players. But I've never understood why baseball players are paid just as much, baseball players don't have to go through the same training as any other sport would. But that's is my estimation. Tell me what you think.

What are some opportunities for basketball players?

They get paid to play.

Is sports a game or a business?

Sports is actually both because some people play it for fun and other people play it for money like NBA players or NFL players.

How many players can play Mario sports mix?


How many players play Mario Sports Mix?


How many players are getting paid to play paintball?

the only time you are usually paid to play paintball is if you win a tournament