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The two national sports in Ireland, Hurling and Gaelic Football. Hurling is a stick and ball game, similar to hockey or Lacrosse, and it is the fastest field game in the world. Gaelic Football has sometimes been described as a cross between soccer and Rugby.

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Q: What sports did the Irish invent?
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Who was the first person to invent sports?

the first person to invent sports were the Iroquois-lacrosse

What Irish sports car is made of aluminium?

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When was Irish Sports Council created?

Irish Sports Council was created in 1999.

What are the Irish sports represented in Summer Olympics?

There are no specifically Irish sports as part of the Olympics, such as Ireland's national sports, Gaelic Football and Hurling. Irish Olympians participate in various sports at the Olympics such as athletics, boxing, swimming , equestrian sports and others.

What sports did Hungary invent?

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yes they did about 2000 years ago.

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Why did the Irish reject English rule?

It was opressive and killed people for speaking Irish, playing Irish sports, crushed the culture.

What are the Irish sports pages?

The newspaper obituaries.

What are Irish traditional sports?

Gaelic Football and Hurling, which are Ireland's two national sports.

Which three sports did the Greeks invent first for the Olympics?

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What sports did the Irish bring to America?

Hurling is the most identifiable Irish sport that has translated to America, but the Irish also have their own individual takes on many international sports. Golf, hill walking, rugby, and cycling as well as soccer all carry an Irish flare.

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What sports do the Irish do?

Gaelic football, camogie, hurling.

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