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They played a version of croquet...

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Q: What sports did the Ancient Egyptians do?
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What did the ancient egyptians do for sports and recreation?

they played sports

What kind of sports did ancient egyptians play?

ancient Egyptians played boxing, fencing, hockey, rowing, swimming, weightlifting, wrestling etc.

What type of sports did the ancient egyptians do?

They did soccer, mine digging and old stuff

How did ancient Egyptians entertain themselves?

Ancient Egyptians played several board games and sports. They were also entertained by musicians, dancers, and singers. Children played with their toys.

Where were the ancient Egyptians based?

The ancient Egyptians were based in egypt.

Which sports did Ancient Egyptian people play?

Egyptians wrestled, and Javelin Throwing was most likely associated with hunting for both sport and the provision of food, and Archery was a very popular sports recreation in Egypt, also, Egyptians enjoyed such sporting events as swimming and rowing, and ancient Egypt sports also included an assortment of ball games.

Most ancient Egyptians were?

most Ancient Egyptians were peasant farmers

What did the ancient Egyptians eat food with?

Ancient Egyptians eat with there fingers.

Which bird was sacred to the ancient Egyptians?

The ibis was sacred to the ancient Egyptians.

How did the Ancient Egyptians tell time?

The Ancient Egyptians developed sundials.

Where are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians?

The descendants of the Ancient Egyptians are mostly the Coptic Egyptians, as the rest of the Egyptians are Arabs who came from what is now called Saudi Arabia. Since Ancient Egyptians were neither Arabs nor did they speak Arabic, most modern Egyptians have no connection to the Ancient Egyptians since they're Arabs.

What did the ancient Egyptians do in the pyramids?

The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids for pharaohs in the afterlife.

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