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he did some sports

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โˆ™ 2012-04-12 01:22:15
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Q: What sports did Steve jobs play?
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Did Steve Jobs play sports?

yes he did

Did Steve Jobs play sports during high school?

No. He was interested in technology. Steve Jobs was an avid dietarian and runner, so he lived a healthy lifestyle, but he was not interested in mainstream sports.

What sport did Steve Jobs play?


Why is Steve Jobs so im important?

Steve Jobs is so important because he changed the way we lived,worked,and play.

What sports did Steve Nash play as a kid?

Soccer and Basketball

Is Steve Jobs single?

No, Steve Jobs is not single.

Was Steve Jobs gay?

No, Steve Jobs was not gay. Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple.

Who did Steve jobs do apple with?

Steve Jobs did Apple with Steve Wozniak.

Who invented the iMac?

Steve JobsSteve Jobs

What did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak do?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple Computers.

Who were Steve Jobs' friends?

One of Steve Jobs' friend are Steve Wozniak.

Is Steve Jobs still friends with Steve wozniak?

Steve Jobs is dead.

What was the nationality of Steve Jobs?

Steve Jobs was American.

Steve Jobs hobbies?

Steve paul jobs

Who was the Steve Jobs?

Steve jobs created the iPhone

What is Steve Jobs' religion?

Steve Jobs is a Buddhist.

What is address of Steve Jobs?

what is Steve jobs's address

Who are Steve Jobs?

I think you mean "Who IS Steve Jobs?"

Was Steve Jobs an atheist?

No, Steve Jobs was a Buddhist.

Was Steve Jobs an orphan?

Steve Jobs was an orphan

Does Steve Jobs have children?

Yes, Steve Jobs has 4 kids.

Does Steve Jobs have kids?

Yes, Steve Jobs has 4 kids.

Who was Steve Jobs father?

Who is Steve jobs father

Why is Steve Jobs a perfectionist?

Steve Jobs is no longer living, thus he is not anything. Did you mean "Why WAS Steve Jobs a perfectionist.

What was the importance of Steve Jobs inventions to the world?

It changed how we work,play,and live.

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