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The popularity of sports is often gender-based with elementary school age students. For boys, football and Basketball are the dominant sports in that order. For girls, soccer and softball are the two most popular.

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Q: What sports are the most popular with elementary school students?
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Out of 329 middle school students 3-7 of the students play sports about how many students play sports?


Is sports essential for the students?

Sports are not essential for students because suppose students watched the monday night football game then on Tuesday morning at recess the students would want to play footvball and tackle each other. Sports are also not essential for students because it ruins there eduaction at school. It ruins there education at school because all they can think about is sports, sports, and more sports. Children could do sports after school then at night before they go to school the next morning.

Should there be sports teams in elementary school? should be healthy

Do students who play sports perform better in school than students who don't?

No, if you don't play sports it doesn't mean you will perform bad at school

What is the percentage of middle school students who play school sports?

About 40 if you are in sports more 50 if med 60+ or 70 if in study

What is middle school like?

Middle school is different from elementary school in many ways: Most middle schools change classes throughout the day, so you're constantly on the go. You'll have several different daily teachers and will feel a little less connected to them than you were with your homeroom elementary teacher. Middle school teachers expect more independence, self-support and effort from their students. Students change during middle school, too. Friendships sometimes dissolve, while other new friendships are formed. Students are going through puberty and hormonal changes and are each grappling with the changes to their bodies and minds as they step out of childhood and into the teen years. Students begin "dating" or going steady. And, sometimes, middle school students can be more cruel than elementary students (or even high school students). But middle school can be a wonderful experience for students. It brings certain freedoms they didn't have in elementary school and offers opportunities to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities that elementary school didn't have to offer. These extracurricular activities help the student develop self-confidence and pride in their talents and achievements.

What is the percentage of students in middle school sports?

About 75% of middle schooler would participate in school sports.

Why is the sport important for students at school?

Some students stay in school because of sports. Research as also shown that mind and body work together and students who have sports also do better in school. Sports also teaches social skills and how to solve problems to the players.

Why are sports important to schools?

Spots are important for school students. Sports provide for exercise which is healthy and they can add interest to school activities. A High School sport such as baseball, can also help "school spirit" and help morale. Also, some student athletes may find that they're excellent at the popular sports of football and basketball for example. This may help them to earn a sports scholarship for college.

Why do students wear white sports uniforms?

students wear white sports uniform becoz while playing the people will know that they are students playing.Due to white sports uniform the school students are detected.

What percent of students get injured with school sports?


What percent of high school students participate in sports?

Depends on size of school