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Soccer, softball, maybe Basketball

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Q: What sports are popular with women today?
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Related questions

What sports are popular today?

The most popular of today is soccer.

What types of sports are popular at TN Tech?

There are several sports which are popular. Athletics, lacrosse, gymnastics and swimming are some of these sports. Rugby for men and for women is also popular.

What are popular sports for women?

tennis is a good sport for a women and so is socer

What is the most popular women's sports in the UK?

shopping LoL!

What type of sports are popular in the world today?

soccer, and basketball

What are the sports in Egypt today?

Football (as in soccer) is the most popular. Other sports are basketball, handball, squash and tennis.

How many women in the 1970's were in professional sports?

Not as many as their are today.

What sports are covered through USA Today Sports news coverage?

Most every popular US sport is covered through USA Today Sports news coverage. Depending on the season currently happening depends on the sports covered.

What men's magazine informs me about sports?

The most popular men's magazine today is Sports Illustrated which provides news, stats and interviews with today's top sports stars. Sports Illustrated is published once a week and offers subscription to its readers.

What are some popular sports in Peru?

Peruvians play many sports, but of course one of their most popular sports is soccer (fútbol). Volleyball is also popular, especially among women.For more Peruvian sports, see the related link below.

What sports are popular in China?

Table Tennis, Badminton, Diving, and Gymnastics are quite popular in China. Football is the most popular sport in China today.

How did women sports become popular?

Women's soccer leagues, Triathlons, Marathons, Skiing, are among the many sports available to women, Ice hockey is one of the fastest growing sports in the World, Due to the many athletic clubs, social clubs and country clubs, there has been a dynamic and continuing growth of women's sports since the late 1960s.

What effect did bicycling and other sports have on women's clothing in the 1800's?

Bicycling and other sports had a significant effect on women's clothing in the 1800's. New fashion trends had to emerge so as to accommodate women who were involved in such events this was when shorts and trousers became popular for women.

Did women play sports in the Victorian era?

Middle class women in the victorian era played lawn tennis and it was popular. Women didnt usually play sport in era, especially if they were'nt in the middle class, only men played sports. Men played mob football and then different sports throughout the years. women gradually started to play sports around the 1900s.

What is sports characteristics today and modern?

Women doing sports for loss weight, something like Yoga. Men do it for release stress maybe.

Did Betsy Ross play sports?

This information is not given in her biography. In her time women didn’t play sports like today so she wouldn’t have.

What sports were popular in the Victorian Era?

Cricket, a sport played between two teams of eleven, was a popular sport in the Victorian Era. There are others, such as Blind Man's bluff, and the ever populat, jacks. Some of the sports popular in the Victorian era are still popular today.

What are the most popular sports cars today?

There are many popular sports cars these days. The Corvette and the Mustang have new looks but are still classics. The Nissan 300Z is a showy car and pretty nice, too.

Do male athletes earn more than female athletes?

In most main sports, yes. Men's sports are much more popular then women's.

What sports were played in the 1900s and today?

baseball,football,basketball,ping pong, badminton the most popular,criket second most popular

What are some well know brand names for women's sports bras?

Some popular women's sports bra brand names include Core Athletic, Nike Pro, C9 and many others. They also market a variety of other sports shirts, shorts, warm up jackets for women and more.

What has the author Mona M Shangold written?

Mona M. Shangold has written: 'The complete sports medicine book for women' -- subject(s): Exercise for women, Health and hygiene, Physical fitness for women, Sports medicine, Women, Exertion, Sportmedizin, Sportgeneeskunde, Physical Fitness, Vrouwen, Frau, Frauensport, Sports Medicine, Popular Works

What are the sports for women?

All sports are for women.

What sports did the Navajo Indians play?

Basketball is the most popular sport on the Navajo Nation today. Horse and foot racing were once very popular.

What shows that Greek mythology is part of today's popular culture?

There are sports teams named after greek figures