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American football and Basketball.

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Q: What sports are played in quarters?
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Which sports are played over 4 periods of 15 minutes?

The sport of American football is played over 4 quarters, each consisting of 15 minutes.

Where is dunham's sports head quarters?


How many quarters have to be played for an official nfl football game?

My brother plays wreck ball and 4 quarters get played and the same in all football my older brother plays football for his school and 4 quarters get played in that also so 4 quarters get played

What sports were played in 1968?

All the same sports that are played today.

What sports are played in djibouti?

the sports that are played in djibouti are tennis

What sports are played in Greece?

all sports played in the U.S.A

Were Sports played in 1880?

Yes sports were played in the 1880s!!!!!!!!

How many minute quarters is played in football?

there is four.... fifteen minute quarters in the NFL

What months are American sports played in?

If you account all sports then all year long sports are played.

What is the difference betindoor and outdoor sports?

indoor sports are played outdoors and outdoor sports are played indoors

What kind of sports were played in Sparta?

Spartans played Olympic Sports

What are some of the sports played in the Midwest region?

What sports are played in the Midwest

How many sports are played in Syria?

There are 60 sports played in Syria.

How many sports are played in Hawaii?

Many sports are played in Hawaii!!

How many quarters are played in a professional basketball game?

4..that's why they're called quarters..

How many quarters played in olympic ice hockey?

3 and they're called periods not quarters.

What does a quarter mean in sports?

A quarter in sports is what divides the game up into three or four parts. For example, in American football there are four quarters (15 minutes each) and in the National Basketball Association there are four quarters (12 minutes each).

What sports are played in Venezuela?

, you asked what sports are played in Venezuela, I am here to answer that question for you.

Who played sports in ancient Greece?

boys played sports in ancient Greece

What are sports played in Madagascar?

the played sports are soccer. M+B=4EVER

What sports are played in Minnesota?

all sports are played in minnesota, except surfboarding

Are there sports that are played in France that aren't played in the UK?

Nope... they have original sports

How many quarters are played in basketball?


Why were sports played during the renaissance?

A lot of the Renassance Festival was sports. Most of the sports they played then we still play now.

What is spourt?

I am assuming you mean "sport." This refers to a physical activity that often involves competition. Some sports are played by teams, such as football or basketball, while others are played by individuals such as tennis or golf. Some sports are played for fun, by people who like that activity and treat it as a hobby; other sports are played by talented athletes who are paid for their skills. Sports that are played for money are often called "professional sports," while sports that are played just for enjoyment are sometimes called "amateur sports" or if they are played at a university, they may be called "collegiate sports."

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