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Mainly soccer and Baseball

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Q: What sports and games does Bolivia play?
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What sports do Bolivia play?


What kind of sports do they play in Bolivia?


What are sports and games?

Sports and games are things you can do. Sports are things you play either inside or outside. You can play on a team or by yourself. Games on the other hand are sort of alike sports but games could be many things... for example you can play a board game which is a game that you sit down and play with a board.

What is the difference between play and sports?

To play is to play anything, from imaginary games to sports to videogames. Sports are many games that range from one guy against another to teams against teams.

Is there a game you could play with you Friend?


What sports did they play in Hawaii?

the sports of Hawaii is in adventure they like to play fishing games & contests and in sports football

Did Dan Haggerty play professional sports?

dan haggerty didnt play the professional sports but he considered to play the world olympic games by the majority of the athletes didnt get the chance to play the normal olympics instead of the professional sports.

What are the professional sports played in Bolivia?

football and other sports

What kind of sports and games do Bolivians play?

they play soccor and other games like our in the U.S

What is importance of sports in life?

Sports is a very important part of life. Sports stop wars and help people's self-esteem. sports make our boby fit. Sports is essential for our life. All the people want to play the game even animal also play the games. Sports is playing with our friends the name of the games like cricket, football, batminton, etc. for eg.. cricket- cricket is playing ground, in varanda, in compound many places we will play cricket. the sports are two type 1-indoors games 2- out doors games. indoors is game to play in our houses like carrom, chess, ludow etc.. outdoor games are the we will play in ground means out side of the house. daily we we will play 1-2 hours . Because sports wiil increase our mind . when we play games only we concentrate the game no other side.

We can play games run and jump here?

sports center

What games and sports do Japanese play?


What games or sports did Jews play?


What are some of the games that you can play with a multiplayer?

I prefer the the sports games that are multi player games. All sports games are multi player and the call of dutys and such are all multi player games.

Video games better than Sports games?

Video Games are worse than Sports games. Sports Games you can watch and have a lot of fun, but video games is just no good graphics than sports games. Improv: i'd have to disagree, what about sports video games? such as wii fit? It depends because you can have fun playing video games, just as much as palying sports games, like guitar hero world tour, take part in a band set up. You don't just have to watch sports games, you can also take part in them too. So my overall answer is, they're the same Improve: I have to disagree with both opinions. Video games are better. You can't participate in sports unless you get on a team, play golf, or round up a bunch of people to play improv football, basketball, soccer, etc. If you aren't on a team then all you can do is watch other people play. Anyone can play video games anytime and anywhere, and it is definitely a lot more fun to play game yourself than it is to watch someone else play a game. That's just an opinion question. I like video games better because all sport's games except for soccer, I fall asleep or lose my attention to it. Also, sports video games rock as well. It depends on what you like if you like sports you chose sport games. If you are a nerd you like almost any kind of game. If you want to escape the world for a little bit you play mmorpgs. it just depends.

What sports were played in Nazi Germany?

they didnt play sports they played table games

Where can one play free sports games online?

One can find free sports games online at certain gaming sites. Some such sites that have sports games for free are Kongregate, Mofunzone, and Not Doppler.

What sports were in the Ancient Greek games?

they used bits of string to play games

What kind of games or sports do the Chinese play?

ping pong,karate

Does play it again have video games?

no they are a sports store

What sports and games did atlanteans play?

water polo

What are some of the sports played in Bolivia?


Mario sports mix?

Mario Sports is a very fun Wii game. There are four sports, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, and hokey. You can play for fun, play a tournament, learn the rules, play party games, or play a real person.

What are the top 3 types of games?

The top 3 types of games people play are video games, board games, and card games. Sports are popular games people play as well.

What is the effect of science and technology on sports and games?

Formerly we used to play games in various traditional ways. But science has given us so many new ways to play the same old games. We should be happy about the positive impacts of science on our games and sports.