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The Rugby world cup!

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Q: What sporting tournament is currently in New Zealand?
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When was New Zealand National Rugby Sevens Tournament created?

New Zealand National Rugby Sevens Tournament was created in 1975.

What is the poputation in New Zealand?

The population of New Zealand is currently about 5 million.

Who is currently at war?

New Zealand

How many sporting events did new zealand represent in the Olympics?


In what sporting activities are the people of new zealand engaged?

CRicket and Rugby

In what sporting activities are the people of New Zealand engages?

CRicket and Rugby

Who won the 2010 Tri-Nations Rugby tournament?

New Zealand

How many times have New Zealand been in the FIFA world cup tournament?

This is New Zealand second world cup appearance.

What sporting event in 1995 did new zealand win from the USa?

The Bledisloe Cup

When is new zealand Easter sale?

The New Zealand Easter sale is currently on and during the Easter holiday.

Where does shania twain currently live?

New Zealand

Which international sporting events does new zealand participate in that involves members of the commonwealth?


Who held the 2011 rugby world cup?

New Zealand. They were also the winners of the tournament.

Where do the swindell twins live?

They were born in Hastings, New Zealand but they now currently live in Napier, New Zealand

What is currently the tallest building in new zealand?

The tallest tower in new zealand is currently the sky tower in aukland

How many MPs in New Zealand Parliament?

Currently 121

Who is the New Zealand prime minster?

It is currently John Key.

What season is it in New Zealand?

Currently (june 25) it is Winter.

How many Hallensteins shops are there in new zealand?

Currently 45

Where was the first rugby world cup held?

The competition was held jointly between Australia and New Zealand in 1987. The actual tournament final was played in Aukland, New Zealand. The finalists were New Zealand and France. New Zealand won the game 29 -9.

How many women are in the New Zealand parliament?

Currently there are 38 women in New Zealand's parliament, out of 122 total members.

What did people in New Zealand think of the Gosselins?

Most folk have never heard of them, and Celebrity Culture offers little in New Zealand compared with sporting activities and other adventures.

Where is Helen clark currently living?

I think she is living in New Zealand.

What is New Zealand population currently?

A little over 4 million.

Who is the most famous person in New Zealand?

This week, Mark Todd for his horsemanship and sporting attitudes at Badminton.