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Panthers (Carolina Panthers), Patriots (New England Patriots), Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers are teams in the National Football League. Pistons (Detroit Pistons) and Pacers (Indiana Pacers) are teams in the National Basketball Association.

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Q: What sporting team starting with p?
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Is Sporting Aiello a football team?

sporting aiello is a team is it a.s.a.t (as simple as that)

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Sporting News All-Star Team was created in 1925.

Do you have any Ideas for a softball team starting with the letter P?

Panthers Pumas Pirates

What is an away team?

An away team is a team who is visiting another team's ground to participate in a sporting fixture.

What did Christiano Ronaldo study at university?

He never went to University or College because he was too busy starting out young playing in Sporting Lisbon Youth Team.

When was Sporting Clube de Portugal - Superleague Formula team - created?

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Companies ending with the letter 'p'?

* Dunlop (sporting goods)

Who are the 5 greatest players in Sporting Lisbon history?

The 5 greatest players in the history of Sporting Lisbon, were the players of possibly the greatest Sporting team of all time, the team in the 1950s of the "Cinco Violinos", translated it means the "Five Violins".

What is the name of a famous sporting team in France?

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