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Q: What sport was made illegal in France in 1993?
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Is absinthe illegal in France?

No, it isn't. There are lots of good distillers in France who made Le Absinthe.

Where was the birthplace of ballet?

Well, it started in Italy. It was further in France. But Russia was what really made it their sport of kings.

In 1993 Michael Jordan played another sport professionally which sport?

Baseball. Never made it to the Major Leagues only the Minors. He still had to be pretty good to make it there though.

What is the most and second most popular sport in France?

I am lead to believe that it is football first, followed by cycling (made popular due to le Tour de France).

What year did lynx body spray hit the market?

It was made in France in 1993 by later than called Axe

Which Roman emperor made Christian marriage illegal?

Christianity was never made illegal. it was persecuted, but was not made illegal.

Which northern state made slavery illegal?

Canada made slavery illegal first. Later on the U.S.A made it illegal to.

What sport was made by Naismith?

Naismith made the sport basketball.

Why was Martin Bouygues investigated by police in 1995?

In 1995, pursuant to France's 1993 anticorruption clampdown, French police raided the Bouygues Group headquarters and held Bouygues for investigation on huge frauds involving illegal deposits allegedly made to a Swiss bank account

When was ivory made illegal?

The ivory trade was made illegal in 1979.

When was mephedrone made illegal?

in the UK mephedrone was made illegal on 16 April 2010 and in the USA it was made illegal in September the same year

When was ivory trade made illegal?

The ivory trade was made illegal in 1979.

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