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swimming, jogging, jumping rope...etc. Something that is related to health of heart, lungs, and blood.

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Q: What sport uses cardiovascular endurance?
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Which sport requires cardiovascular endurance?

Any Sport basically, such as Basketball and also in Running :)

What is the difference of cardiovascular and muscular endurance?

cardiovascular =is pig muscular endurance = is cowWTF

What is the sport which uses up the most muscle endurance?

probably swimming

What does the term cardiovascular endurance mean?

cardiovascular endurance is the most important fitness its how strong your heart is.

What is better for cardiovascular endurance soccer or ballet?

Soccer is better for endurance because you are having to build up stamina, whereas ballet is a stop-and-start aerobic sport.

What is another name for the cardiovascular fitness exercises?

Also called Aerobic or Endurance Exercise, Cardiovascular exercise is a form of activity that uses aerobic metabolism.

Why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?

why would jogging need cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance?

Is volleyball cardiovascular endurance?


How do you build cardiovascular endurance?


What are 2 components that are health related in soccer?

Muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance

Why do you need cardiovascular endurance for football?

If you have that endurance you will be able to run fast for longer.

How can one improve their cardiovascular endurance?

You can improve your cardiovascular endurance by participating in cardiovascular exercise such as jumping rope, running, stair climbing and other forms of cardiovascular exercise. You can learn more cardiovascular exercises at the WebMD and Spark People websites.

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