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Q: What sport uses a Solid rubber ball 6.3 cm diameter 160 g weight NCAA approved?
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How do you calculate weight of a rectangular solid rubber?

You multiply its density by its volume.

Why is hollow steel pipe stronger than solid steel?

Most of the strength of a circular section comes from the outer diameter fibers where area and inertia are the highest. So a tube is more efficient than a solid in terms of strength to weight ratio. However, if you ignore the weight benefit of a tube, the solid steel is stronger of the same diameter. If you need a certain weight, then you can make the tube stronger by increasing its diameter over a solid section of equal weight.

Is a rubber band a solid or liquid?

A rubber band is a solid.

What is the weight of a steel rod whose dimensions are 25mm diameter and 3050mm long?

Solid? or Hollow?

Is rubber solid?

yes ruber is solid.

How can you calculate the weight of solid shaft 20 mm diameter and 1 feet length?

Without knowledge of the material you cannot.

Is foam rubber a solid liquid or gas?


Is rubber a crystalline solid or amorphous solid?


What type of solid is rubber?

A(n) amorphous solid.

Is rubber a crystalline solid?

No, rubber is an amorphous solid. Glass, rubber, and many plastics are amorphous solids. Not all solids contain crystals.

A solid rubber with a mass of 5.9 grams sinks A hollow rubber ball with a mass of 5.9 floats Why?

Because the hollow ball is larger than the solid one. It displaces enough of the fluid to equal its weight, so it floats.

Is a bicycle tire a solid?

a bicycle tire is a solid, because it is made out of rubber and rubber is solid. so, therefore, a bicycle tire is a soid.

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