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propably cleets the grip well

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What Skate shoe has the best grip?

dc has the best grip

What is the name of the grip on your shoe?

The grip? Perhaps the tread.

Best shoe ever?

Ok the best shoe ever is definentley the Kobe Bryant west all star shoes no dout about it they have the best grip of any shoes in the world and they are flashy,comfterable,styilish,and colerful!!!!!

Which shoe has the best grip?

If your looking for parkour shoes, I recommend anything k-swiss. They are especially made for parkour.

Is the nike mercurial miracle id a great soccer cleat?

in my opinion no it seems to have a slipperry top surface with no grip, i think one of the best boots are the predators they have grip all over the shoe

Why do you have good grip on your shoe include the name of the force?

because if the grip would not be proper then you might get slip or may fall down. as there would be no friction between the shoe and the road.

Best cheerleading shoe brand?

infities are a really good brand. They are small and easy to grip the foot in. Also they are easy to tumble in.

What is the grip on the bottom of your shoe called?

I believe it is the same as on a tire, a Tread.

How do you clean your rebok sport shoe?


Is there a sport called Florsheim?

No. Florsheim Shoe however is an American shoe company

Is horse shoe an individual sport or a team sport?

No. It is not a sport or a team sport. But lots of people like to play it and say its a sport. :)

What is a 5 letter word meaning shoe grip?

A 'tread', 'cleft' or 'cleat'.

What does a speaker look like?

a sport shoe

How does the skateboard stay on the skateboarder's feet when they are both off the ground?

It's the grip in the shoe like there are Many kinds like vans have like waffle grip it's all in the shoes grip

What are studs in football?

Studs are the blunt metal bits at the bottom of the shoe. There are usually 6 or 8 studs in one shoe. They are made for grip.

What shoes are good for parkour?

Honestly, there is no perfect parkour shoe yet in stores. But anything that fits comfortably or is cheap, with good grip will work. If you have money, buy from stores online. Best online parkour/freerunning shoe is the KO's or the Ariake's.

Do you have to have a certain shoe to skateboard?

no but it is harder to skate with some shoes such as shoes with no grip ~awestling96~

What gives football boots a good grip?

it may be the spins present in back of the shoe

What is the most reliable Skating shoe but still gets a lot of grip?

Dvs or etenie.

How does snow shoes improve your ability in sport?

they give you better grip

What is the best football shoe?

Nike Is The Best Shoe That You Can Play In!

What is a motor skill sport?

Snow shoe-ing

What Spanish sport shoe was founded in 1977?


Where can I get a short list of affordable sport shoe outlets?

Some of the best places to buy runners are the general sporting goods stores. Sport Check, Sportmart, and other large chain companies are going to have the best deals on a variety of brands.

Why Footballers wear cleats shoe?

They wear cleats so their feet can get a grip on wet grass.