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Field Hockey is reported to be the second largest participation team sport in the world. First being Football (Soccer)

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Q: What sport ranks second in attendance per year?
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In 2007 the NFL set a national record for attendance for the 6th year in a row on paid attendance. This well surpasses 22 million in total attendance second year in row and Washington leads in home attendance.

What sport has more attendance in a year horse racing or auto racing?

Most people would say auto racing but it really is horse racing.

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Is rugby an all year round sport?

winter sport

Is boxing a winter sport?

No - It's a year round sport!

Is american football spreading quickly into other countries?

The NFL is trying and it seems to be working. There are several games scheduled every year in London in an effort to promote the sport of American Football overseas. It seems to be getting a decent adoption from the fans as well. Attendance has been up Year over Year.

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Every year- Apex (:

What is the New England Patriots attendance per season?

Roughly 540,000 per year.