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Besides being a Basketball stud and the number one pick in the 2003 NBA draft straight out of high school, LeBron James played football in high school. He was a 1st team All American football player at wide receiver as well as a the player of the year in basketball.

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Q: What sport other than basketball did LeBron James play in high school?
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Why was LeBron James high school basketball them good?

you mean TEAM? because LeBron was on it obviously... you don't see any of the other players in the NBA.

What does LeBron James enjoy about basketball?

Destroying the other team.

What does LeBron James do?

Plays basketball for the Miami heat other than Michael Jordan lebron #6 is an ok nba basketball player in the nba basketball history.

Is LeBron James Black?

Lebron James is black, as made apparent by his skill at basketball. if he has any other ethnicity, it doesnt show on the court.

Does LeBron James really like basketball?

Yes, he does. As a kid he played other sports and found that basketball was his thing.

Why did lebron James start playing basketball?

he liked to look at other plyers balls :)

How did LeBron James find his way into his career?

LeBron James was known as the best basketball player in the state. Who wouldn't want him on their team? He had scouts at almost all of his games and people in other states and counties even traveled and cheered on LeBron and his amazing team ( the fab five ) at his games!

Is lebron James the best basketball player?

yes, he is the best basketball player the NBA has ever had other than 4 players. i am sure he is going to continue dominating for miami heat!!!!!!!!!

What team was LeBron James on in 2003?

Lebron James has not played for anybody other than the Cavaliers.

Did LeBron James play any other sport besides basketball?

Yes, he played football he was very good at football. That is why he is that muscular of a man and still runs that fast. He is one of the fastest people in the league. He actually played for his highs school team. One time in a Cavaliers game they asked Lebron James "Do you miss playing football" and he said everyday.

Does LeBron James have any kids by any other women?

James LeBron does not have a love child. He does not have any children.

What is the starting salary of a professional basketball player?

There is no starting salery for a pro basketball player. They get more money of their skills. LeBron James made about 20 million as a rookie and other rookies make about 1 million

Do LeBron James have a child?

Yes he has 2 lebron jr an i forgot the other ones name

How much do basketball players make?

Depends on the player like LeBron James makes 107 million dollars for a six year contract but other players can get paid way less.

How many gold medals does Lebron James have?

LeBron James won two Olympic gold medals. One came in Beijing in 2008 and the other in London in 2012.

Is power evenly distributed and maintained between the three branches or has one branch become more powerful than the other two?

Because Lebron James is the best basketball player in the world.

What other numbers did lebron James want to be?

lebron will average 51.8 ppg and kobe will average 5.6 ppg

Who is the best basketball player other than Micheal Jordan and Kobe and Lebron?

Kevin garnett

Who do you think is better colby briant or lebron James?

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are two great players in the NBA. It depends on who you ask which one is better than the other.

Where could one buy a LeBron James T-shirt?

One can find and purchase a Lebron James t-shirt online at the site called Spreadshirt. Other online websites to find and purchase Lebron James t-shirts include Amazon and the NBA Store.

Who are the best basketball athletes ever?

Many would say Micheal Jordan was the best but their are many other basketball athletes up their like Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russel, Wilt Chamberlit, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Shaquille O,Neal

Is lebron the best NBA player?

Most have concluded that either LeBron James are Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player. LeBron is better physically, with a combination of size, speed, and strength the NBA has never witnessed before. Kobe, on the other hand, has a knack for shooting and scoring in numerous ways. Both are in the list of top three players of all time, along with Michael Jordan.

Who was the first pick in the 2003 NBA Draft?

LeBron James was the number one overall pick, being drafted by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Many have speculated that the Cavaliers had purposely tanked (in other words, lost on purpose) their season in order to secure a good chance to get the #1 pick. This draft was known as the LeBron James draft simply because how dominate LeBron was in high school.

What other sport would Lebron James play beside basketball?

I could surely envision him playing tight end in football. Or for that matter, with how much muscle he's put on over the last while, how about defensive end?

How many Olympic gold medals does LeBron James have?

LeBron James won two Olympic gold medals. One came in Beijing in 2008 and the other in London in 2012.