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here by "football" I am assuming as real football and not American football or Rugby. I play both Basketball and football, according to me basketball requires more stamina when compared because a good basketball player do not have time to take rest while playing and should always be running around, all 5 players plays as defense and offense, the game is more faster. In football, we have wings, defense, striker etc for various roles and they do not play both defense and offense unlike basketball.
Example, when the ball is being played on the other side, that's like when our team attack them, our defense have time to take rest during the game itself staying behind.

Basketball = good player runs more
Football = bad player runs more trying to get the ball

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Basketball involves more constant action than does football, and so more severely tests one's stamina or 'wind'. But football involves much more full speed action in between the relative rest between downs and series, and combined with the physicality of the game you're pretty tired afterwards, but it's a different kind of tired, more of a whole body fatigue.

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Basketball is a more strenuous sport, although football is a more physically demanding sport.

Basketball involves 48 minutes of running, sprinting, and jumping. The goal is to outperform your opponents, who are some of the quickest and strongest people around. You will need to jump at your maximum height, sprint quickly on a fast break, and run constantly between defensive and offensive possessions to stop and ultimately defeat your opponent.

In football, the quarters are ultimately longer (16 minutes versus 12 for the NBA), but there are often 20-30 second breaks between each possession. You have time to recoup after each play, unlike the NBA, where teams like the Phoenix Suns punish you by playing a high tempo game.

Although each possession is more physically demanding in football than basketball, the overall game of basketball is much more demanding and strenuous.

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it depends what type of foot ball if its flag football then basketball if not football

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Q: What sport needs more stamina basketball or football?
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