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Girls play Netball (like US Basketball)

Boys play rugby (like US gridiron)

Adults play ficky-ficky (like in Hollywood)

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Q: What sport is the cook islanders into?
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When was United Cook Islanders created?

United Cook Islanders was created in 1968.

What is he cook islanders language?


How do the local cook islanders live?

the cook islanders live in hut like homes, inless they own a hotel room which is very rare>P<

What sport are the Cook Islanders into?

pok-ta-tok its an ancient game played with a 4 pound ball that you have to make through a stone hoop 30 feet in the air

What religion does cook islanders follow?

If you go on google and type in "cook island religion", it gives you an answer Christanity

What are the people called who lived in Cook Island?

They are called Cook Islanders. They are sometimes called a Rarotongan because it is the most populous island in the Cook Islands. In countries like New Zealand where there are many Cook Islanders, they call themselves, or are referred to by others as a Cookie (short for Cook Islander), or Raro (Short for Rarotongan).

When was Arthur Cook - sport shooter - born?

Arthur Cook - sport shooter - was born in 1928.

Why did Cook Islanders migrate to NZ?

When the Cook Islanders come to New Zealand for sick reasons or other and want a benefit they get it straight away because they are under the New Zealand citizen and in the Cook Islands they always welcome any kind of tourist to visit the beautiful islands. In the Cook Islands they have New Zealand money but not in other Pacific Islands. Cook Island Rox

What are the major sport teams in new york?


What sport were spartan women trained to do?


Who are the New York sport teams?

mets, yankees, giants, jets, knicks, nets, rangers, islanders, devils

What is David Cook's favorite sport?

wwe wrestling

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