What sport is popular in Romania?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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soccer and Harry Potter soccer and harry potter

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Q: What sport is popular in Romania?
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What popular sports do they play in Romania?


What is the main sport in Romania?

The main sport in Romania is gymnastics. It isn't as popular there anymore though. It is important to distinguish between the sport that is most popular and the sport at which a nation has done well in the Olympics. For sure, Romania has done well at the Olympics in Gymnastics but that does not mean it is the most popular sport. Generally the most popular sport in any European country is Football (Soccer) because it is the sport played by most people who participate in sport.

What is the most played sport in Romania?

soccer, gymnastics, kayak/canoe, tennis, hiking, skiing

Does Romania play soccer?

Yes, there are soccer teams in all European countries. It is the most popular and spectacular sport in Europe,

Name of national sport in Romania?

The name of the national sport in Romania is oina, similar to baseball but more older.

What is the peoples favourite sport in Romania?

The favorite sport is football.

What is table tennis in Romania?

It's a sport.

What is another name for Romania?

Romania has not a true popular name.

What is the most poppular sport played in Romania?


Is paragliding considered a sport in Romania?

Yes, it is correct.

Is Romania a sports country?

In sport overall Romania is not a sporty country. However they are very good at weightlifting

What are some of the popular places in Romania?

See the link below for the tourism in Romania.