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Paris Saint Germain are a French football (soccer) team that plays in the French Ligue 1.

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Q: What sport is played by Paris st germain?
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Where did Sophie germain live?

a house on rue st. Denis in Paris, France

Who is count St. Germain?

The Count of St Germain (1710-1784) was an odd character, which unfortunately due to his similarity of name to the Bishop of Paris in the 500's, St Germain, some people mistakenly think is related to Catholicism. The Count was considered by many a charlatan and adventurer, using metaphysics as a part of his chicanery. He had made claims of immortality, and had has some association with the Theosophists and Freemasonry. See Count St Germain for him See Germain of Paris for the bishop

Would David Beckham change countries?

Apparently not. Although he played for Real Madrid, L.A. Galaxy, Milan, and Paris St. Germain, he only played on one national team, which was England.

When did Christopher St. Germain die?

Christopher St. Germain died in 1540.

When was Christopher St. Germain born?

Christopher St. Germain was born in 1460.

When did Count of St. Germain die?

Count of St. Germain died in 1784.

When did Ralph St. Germain die?

Ralph St. Germain died in 1974.

When was Ralph St. Germain born?

Ralph St. Germain was born in 1904.

When was Sheryl St. Germain born?

Sheryl St. Germain was born in 1954.

When was Val St. Germain born?

Val St. Germain was born in 1971.

What do people in Paris play as a sport or what is the main sport?

They do lots of different sports, as in every other country/town. Football: biggest named team is Paris St-Germain. Running Fencing ball games like rugby, handball, tennis combat sports like judo And Rally/motorsport events.

When did St Germain's railway station end?

St Germain's railway station ended in 1850.

When was St Germain's railway station created?

St Germain's railway station was created in 1846.

When was Fernand St. Germain born?

Fernand St. Germain was born on 1928-01-09.

When did Omer St. Germain die?

Omer St. Germain died on 1949-02-11.

When was Omer St. Germain born?

Omer St. Germain was born on 1877-09-14.

When was Gerry St. Germain born?

Gerry St. Germain was born on 1937-11-06.

What has the author Diane St-Germain written?

Diane St-Germain has written: 'Notes au dossier'

Is there a famous sport in Paris?

Both Rugby Union and Football are popular sports in Paris. The French national sides both play their home games at the Stade de France in the St. Denis area. French rugby club Stade Francais play their home games at the stadium. There are also professional football clubs in Paris, the most famous of which is Paris St. Germain who play in Ligue1 of the French league.

Distance between Versailles and St germain-en-laye?

getting from St Germain en Laye to Versailles

What is the difference between the Treaty of Versailles and Paris Peace treaties?

The Treaty of Versailles was a Paris Peace Treaty that dealt with Germany. The Paris Peace Treaties were named after the area it was signed such as St. Germain that dealt with Austria.

Is criss angel st germain?


What sport is played in St. Andrews?

Golf is the sport associated with this Scottish town.

Where is Les Deux Magots located?

Place de St. Germain in the centre of Paris, left bank, about ten mins walk from the Notre dame

Greg Ha Greg Halford moves to Wolves from Sunderland which will be his fifth club that he has moved to in 6 years has there been other players that have moved more times and name their previous clubs?

Nicolas Anelka Paris St Germain to Arsenal to Real Madrid back to Paris St Germain to Liverpool (on loan) to Manchester City to Fenerbache to Bolton Wanderers to Chelsea.