What sport is equestrain?

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Horseback riding

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Q: What sport is equestrain?
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Is equestrain a winter sport?

Equestrian sports are a year round type of sport. however in some places it can be more of a seasonal thing.

What animals are used in equestrain events?


When is equestrain played?

Different from modern games.

How do you buy horse-shoes for your equestrain center on Howrse?

You don't buy horseshoes for your equestrain centre on howrse. Instead, go to employees and hire a farrier. Do the same if you want a saddle and bridle, hire a saddler.

What is a sentence for equestrain?

Your skill at riding horses shows that you're quite an experienced equestrian.

How do you extend how many horses can be in your equestrain center on howrse?

Buy more boxes in the shop :)

How do you get a equens senter on Howrse?

You have to have 20 days seniority to start an equestrain center. if you reach 20 days go to the tab that says "equestrain center" and click the top link called "office" there you may start creating your center.

What is a equestrain?

an equestrian is a horse rider i think sorry if this is not helpful i think they were also the ancietn roman army

What are the rules in equestrain?

well it really depends on what type of horse riding catigory. Western, dressage ot English

What are some riding schools in Washington?

there is stepney bank stable or one in hetton called whitegates equestrain its great!

What does a equestrain center do to horses?

It gives your horses a bed, access to meadows and boxes, and pays you if you let your horse do lessons.

What is a rhyming word pair for equestrain class?

"horse course" -- not quite a rhyme but maybe close enough.

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