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Q: What sport is cross country and downhill?
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Related questions

What sport does Cross country and downhill?

down hill? im not sure.... I hope i help you!!

What is croos country skiing?

Cross-country skiing is a sport of skiing over the countryside rather than on downhill runs.

What does nordique combine mean in english?

"Nordic Combined" - an Olympic sport combining the events of downhill skiing and cross-country skiing

What winter sport is enjoyed in Canada?

Downhill and Cross country Skiing, snowboarding, Snowmobiling, glacier climbing... its a pretty long list. (pretty much any snow sport)

Is cross country skiing downhill?


What is the types of skiing?

Downhill, cross country, slalom.

What is the most fun olympic winter sport?

I think it would be ski cross or downhill

How is cross-country skiing different from down hill skiing?

Quite a bit is different. The gear is different, the skis are straight, as opposed to downhill skis being curved (the curve makes it easier to turn on a downhill slope), the boots in cross country are not stationary in the bindings, as downhill boots are, instead you can move the heels, and the poles used in cross country are longer. Also, the slopes are not nearly as steep as in downhill skiing.

Which country is the best at skiing?

Downhill: Austria Cross-country: Norway

Which country is the best in skiing?

Cross-country: Norway Downhill: Austria

Does skiing and snowboarding go on the same slopes?

No. Snowboard cross is a downhill sport, but the slopes are not any where near as steep as downhill racing - snowboarding on an Olympic level downhill ski course would be suicide.

What is the difference between cross country skis and downhill skis?

The difference is that a downhill ski is much wider along with the binding, a cross country binding is only connected at the toe of a boot. when a downhill binding is connected at both the heel and the toe. hope this helped

What is the difference between cross country skiing and downhill skiing?

Downhill skiing won't make you die of heart failure.

What is the difference between cross country skis and downhill poles?

Cross country skis are are much wider, intended to reduce ground pressure. Downhill skis are narrower, to reduced resistance, and intended more for packed snow.

Is nordic downhill skiing?

No, nordic skiing is same as cross-country skiing.

How is skiing good for you?

It depends what kind.....Cross-country skiing at a good pace (generally on a rolling hills terrain to very hilly) is proven to be the best sport for you. Skate-skiing works nearly every muscle!! Downhill skiing on the other hand is a leisurely and pointless sport if you are looking to get fit!!! Downhill skiing is not bad for you(but you could injure yourself)

Can you ski downhill on cross country skis?

no Yes, but you do not have the same kind of control that you do with downhill skis partly due to the bindings only holding the toe of the cross country boots. The "Telemark" binding gives some better control.

Is ripstick cross country a sport?


Who plays skiing the best?

By country or individual? Downhill or cross country? If it is extreme sports, high speed downhill skiing, in this category while I could be wrong, believe it not the USA is numero uno. When it comes to the variety of events, acrobatic, standard downhill, obstacles etc, America has won more skiing events than any other country. However,when it comes to cross country, the people who invented it, namely Norway, are still the king. Nobody, out-cross-country skis Norway. Also, no, a Nordic track doesn't count; cross country skiing let me warn you now is a physically brutal sport. It will push your limits all across the board, and toughen you up mentally. In fact, far as winter sports go it is probably the king when it comes to building up mental toughness.

Does downhill skiing increase cardiorespiratory endurance?

Some, but not as much as cross-country skiing

What sport is best exercise cross country skiing or swimming?

Cross country and swimming. Swimming builds upper body. Cross country builds leg muscle

What is a Mexican's favorite sport?

Cross Country

What is one type of skiing?

We have basically 2 different types of skiing: Downhill and cross-country.

What are some innuendos for cross country?

Cross Country is a real sport, Everything else just plays with balls.

A sport that starts with d?

Decathlon is a sport. Downhill skiing is a sport.