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Quite a bit is different. The gear is different, the skis are straight, as opposed to downhill skis being curved (the curve makes it easier to turn on a downhill slope), the boots in cross country are not stationary in the bindings, as downhill boots are, instead you can move the heels, and the poles used in cross country are longer. Also, the slopes are not nearly as steep as in downhill skiing.

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Q: How is cross-country skiing different from down hill skiing?
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How the law of friction affects down hill skiing?

if there is friction on the hill it will slow you down

What is crosscontry skiing?

*Cross country* skiing is where you are skiing on flat terrain. It's much more work than skiing down a hill.

When is momentum not useful?

when you are skiing down a hill and you want to slow down

What type of activity is down hill skiing?


Down-hill skiing aerobic or anaerobic?


What force causes you to slow down when you are skiing down a hill?

This is called "friction"..

What is skiing and what does it involve?

skiing is......... going down hill on snow using skies to guid you

When did down hill skiing start?

In the Alps in the 1880:s.

A skiing event where athletes race down the hill?


Why do you need low friction when skiing?

because you need to slide down the hill....?

When you are skiing down a hill how do you stop?

Turn you skis to dig into the snow and point them up hill.

Can males and females play down hill skiing?

Yes both males and females can compete in downhill skiing.

What is the history of skiing?

The First Skiing Skiing may have come from snowshoeing. Though the history of skiing is somewhat obscure, we do know that the first type of skiing was cross country skiing. Down hill skiing evolved later on. The First Ski Poles The first ski poles evolved from walking sticks. They were first used by snowshoers, for balance. Down Hill Skiing Down hill skiing came during a modern era. Sondre Norheim constructed birch bindings, which could be the first stiff bindings. Later on, in 1896, Matthias Zdarsky created firmer bindings. With Zdarsky's bindings, skiers could turn and move about better on skis. Resources Skiing History - The History of Skiing History of Skiing History of skiing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Which sport did Jean-Claude Killy excel?

Down Hill Skiing

What is another name for back country skiing?

Back country skiing is where one hikes to the crest of a hill, and alpines down. A type of skiing similar to back country skiing is telemark skiing. Back country skiing has no synonyms.

What is the main idea of alpine skiing?

the main idea of alpine skiing is to go down a hill staying in control and be the fastest down first. sometimes there are slaloms to go around. skiing is really fun by the way

How does friction and gravity affect snow skiing?

friction and gravity affect snow skiing because skiing uses sliding friction which rubs against the snow to make it slippery. friction also affects skiing because it allows you to go up hill. gravity keeps you down and able to go down a hill. gravity also affects skiing because it makes it harder to go uphill.

What is strap two sticks to your feet and go down a hill?

The answer to this riddle is "skiing."

When is momentum useful?

When you are skiing down a hill and when you are doing something that you do not really want to do.

How do you say skiing down a hill in french?

Ski bas d'une colline

What is Straps to sticks on your feet and swoosh down a hill?

That loosely describes skiing.

How is Olympic Alpine Skiing played?

alpine skiing is played when people ski down a very big and white snowy hill. and that is how it is played

What is the name of a skiing event where athletes race down a hill that starts wth an 'a'?

it is alpine

How does newtons second law affect skiing?

Newton's second law deals with mass and force as it relates to acceleration. Acceleration down the hill is the main part of skiing, which skiers can affect by changing their mass or the force they use to push themselves down the hill.

What is the object of the game ski jumping?

The point is to jump as far as possible down a hill after skiing down a hill to jump off of. A usual hill size is a 125k this means it starts to flatten out after 125m.