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Q: What sport is better hockey or basketball?
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Which sport has better athletes hockey or basketball?


Comparison between hockey and basketball?

In both sports you are trying to score more goals/baskets than the other team. You also have five people out on the rink/court at one time. hockey is way better and basketball is an extremely wimpy sport But what really matters is what you think, if you like baksetball, then basketball is better, if you think hockey is better, then hockey is better.

What is a better sport Basketball or Baseball?

Basketball is a better sport

Which sport makes more money basketball or hockey?


Which sport is better soccer or basketball?

They are both good. But they are not the best sport, that title belongs to Kitty Hockey. Go to for more info.

Do people consider hockey a sport?

if anyone doesn't consider hockey a sport, they shouldn't consider basketball or football or baseball a sport

Is Basket-ball a better sport then Hockey?

It is your opinion. Some people may like Basketball, some hockey. It is a question that can not be answered by one person only.

What is Justin Bieber's favorite sport?

Justin Bieber's favorite sports are hockey and basketball.hockeyJustin is well known for playing sports But his favorite sport is basketball.Hockey and basketballHockey and Basketballfootball and basket ballfootball baseball and last but not least soccerhockey and skateboardingJustin bieber likes to play basketball and skateboardingHis favorite sport is ice hockey, and his favorite team is the Toronto Leafs.his favorite sport is hockey because he is from canada. but he also plays baskettball, golf, and soccer.his fave sport id-s basketballand skateboardingand hockeyin his childhood he was interested in hockey, soccer and chesshe loves soccer.Basketball , soccer,and hockeyjustins fav sport is hockey ,skateboarding ,basketball and soccerJustin Bieber's favorite sports are hockey and basketball.Hockey, skateboarding, and Basketball.i think Justin Bieber would be into basketball then soccer but it looks like he enjoys out with friendsBasketball and hockey. :)NoJustin biebers fave sport is basket ballJustin Bieber has not, as of yet, disclosed his favorite sport; or even if he does have one.Justin's favorite sport is basketball on his Justin Bieber diary part3 he said it I'm 1 of his biggest fans i should knowHockey, Basketball and Soccerhis favorite sport is hockey. he is from canada, and they are big on hockeyit is hockey. he mentioned it on a Disney channel video-Disney channel's total access.Justin loves hockey. He payed when he was little. But he also plays some basketball with friends in Alantahockey!!Justin Bieber's favorite sports are hockey and basketball.Basketball and hockey!xProstitution.Basketball or Ice Hockey...I don't know why basketball but ice hockey because its his back in and basketball

What sport is most watched hockey or basketball?

Basketball has more viewers in the United States while hockey is #1 in Canada.

What sport is better softball or hockey?


Which sport is played in feb?

I believe basketball and hockey

What sport is played in spring?

Baseball, basketball, Hockey

What sport does Justin Bieber do?

Basketball & Hockey

What sport has more fans hockey or basketball?

Basketball has about 1 billion fans worldwide, hockey has somewhere between 50-100 million.

What is watched more around the world hockey or basketball?

The Most watched Sport in the World is Soccer Following by Hockey and basketball

Is Hockey Better than Basketball?

Hockey is way better than basketball. In hockey you are allowed to hit (check) people. The game moves faster and is more exciting to watch!

What is us popular sport?

football, basketball, baseball and Hockey

Is basketball or football a better sport?


What is jbs favuorite sport?

If your referring to Justin Bieber, his favorite sport/s are hockey and basketball

Is volleyball clothes better than basketball clothes?

I think the volleyball uniforms are better than the basketball ones because they are cuter & shorter(: but what about field hockey ? is volleyball better than field hockey or no ? that's my question that has never been answered just wondering because I'm not sure which sport to try out for in high school ..

What sport is more fun to watch hockey or basketball?

Hockey doesn't have players flopping for calls. Basketball does however have a player named Meta World Peace.

What is 1d liams favourite sport?

boxing hockey basketball swimming

What sport occurs in the fall?

Football,Basketball,a little baseball,Hockey

What sport do players loose teeth?

hockey,football,basketball, MMA

Is hockey better than football?

Are you referring to soccer or American Football? At any rate, whether you think any sport is better than another is purely subjective. I personally think hockey is the best, most entertaining sport in the world. I have a friend who thinks the same about basketball. If you enjoy a particular sport very much, one has a tendency to think it is the best!!