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Cross country and swimming. Swimming builds upper body. Cross country builds leg muscle

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Q: What sport is best exercise cross country skiing or swimming?
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Which exercise category includes swimming running brisk walking and cross country skiing?

isometric novanet

Which uses more muscles swimming or skiing?

If it's swimming versus downhill, that would be swimming. However, if it's swimming versus cross country, easily, cross country. What muscles do you need most for cross country skiing? All of them. Swimming neglects the calf and extensor (forearm) muscles, regardless of swimming style. In cross country skiing both your calves and forearms will get a workout, and the only part of the body not worked is the neck. However cross country skiing involves every single muscle in the human body.

What is the most complete whole-body aerobic exercise?

Cross-country skiing

Is the most complete whole body aerobic exercise?

Cross-country skiing

Is cross country skiing the same as skiing?

There are several types of skiing and one of them is cross-country skiing.

What is faster cross-country skiing or running?

Cross-country skiing.

What is Olympic cross-country skiing?

Olympic cross-country skiing is many people racing to see who can get to the finish line faster by cross-country skiing, or skiing on flat land.

What is the object of cross country skiing?

Great exercise and fresh air, communicating with nature is the main reason people like to cross country ski.

What has the most complete whole body aerobic exercise?

cross country skiing apex approved ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Is nordic downhill skiing?

No, nordic skiing is same as cross-country skiing.

What is cross-country skiing?

skiing on basically flat terrain

What is another name for cross-country skiing?

Nordic skiing.

Is nordic skiing the same as cross country skiing?


What is cross-country skiing also called?

Nordic skiing.

What is the another name for Nordic skiing?

Cross-country skiing.

How many calories can I burn with exercise?

How many calories you burn with exercise depends on how hard you exercise and how much you weigh. The more vigorous the exercise, the more calories per hour you can burn. Cross-country skiing, jogging and swimming are exercises that burn a significant number of calories per hour.

Is cross country skiing downhill?


What country's the best at cross country skiing?


Which country is the best at Cross-country skiing?


In skiing what is another name for cross country racing?

Nordic skiing.

What sport requires the highest fitness levels?

Probably cross country skiing, swimming and skulling require the highest level of fitness.

What is croos country skiing?

Cross-country skiing is a sport of skiing over the countryside rather than on downhill runs.

Does cross country provide exercise?

Yes, cross country does provide exercise

What sport is cross country and downhill?


Why cant i see?

Cross-country skiing