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Tennessee is most famous for football. The Tennessee Titans play in the National Football League. Tennessee also is known for its SEC ("Southeastern Conference") football at The University of Tennessee and Vanderbilt University.

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Q: What sport is Tennessee famous for?
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Football is the most common sport in Tennessee

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The sport fish of Tennessee, is the Great White Tuna.

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Tennessee is known for the famous singers, cars, .

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What are some Tennessee sport teams?

Tennessee Titans, Memphis Grizzlies

Who was the First African American to play for Tennessee?

What do you mean by "Tennessee"? The Tennessee Titans? Or the University of Tennessee? If the University, what sport?

Is Tennessee famous for the Tennessee Titans?


What major sport does Tennessee have?

Memphis Grizzlies (Basketball) & Tennessee Titans (Football)

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What are some of Tennessee's famous cities?

Answer: Nashville Tennessee

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horseback riding

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soccer & football

What sport is popular in Tennessee?

it would be foot ball.

Is Football the most played sport in Tennessee?


Is football the moat PLAYED sport in Tennessee?


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Tennessee does not have an official state food. However, Tennessee is famous for ribs.

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Miley Cyrus