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Q: What sport is Spanish football in English?
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What sport is featured in the English Premiership?

The sport of English football (soccer).

What is Most popular sport in Spanish?

Football is the most popular sport in Spain!:)

What is the most popular sport in spanish?

Football is the most popular sport in Spain!:)

What is a sport starting with h in Spanish?

Hockey is a sport starting with h in Spanish as there is no translation for the English word.

What sport did the English and German troops play together?


What sport is Southend United associated with?

Southend United F.C. is associated with the sport of English football.

How old is the sport of football?

English invented official rules in 1863

How do you say 'i love football' in Spanish?

It depends on what you mean by "football". If you are referring to the American sport that is very similar to English Rugby and has prolate spheroid shaped ball, it would be: "Me encanta el fútbol americano." If you are referring to the sport that Americans call soccer and that the English call Football, that has a black and white spherical ball, it would be: "Me encanta el fútbol."

What is Rihanna's favourite sport?

Rihanna Likes Watching Tennis And her faviroute sport is soccer or English football

What type of sport does Everton play?

Everton Football Club plays in the English Premier Football League. In the United States, the sport is called soccer and is not to be confused with American football.

Is soccer the most popular sport or football?

Soccer is the most popular sport. In many countries, soccer is a highly recognized sport. In Spanish countries, the call it football, but it is pronounced fOOte bOWl.

Why do Americans say soccer not football because football is the proper word?

In the American dialect of the English language "football" is one sport, "soccer" is another. In the British dialect of the English language, the sport the Americans call "soccer" is called "football" they do not play much American Football in Britain.

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