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Mark Todd is a horseman who competes in the equestrian sport of eventing.

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Q: What sport is Mark Todd involved in?
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Who inspired Mark Todd to do his sport?

The horses!

What sport is Mark Todd most famous for?


What is Mark Todd's full name?

Sir Mark James Todd

Who was Mark Todd's first horse?

mark todd had his first horse named nugget

Is mark todd in the 2008 Olympics?

mark todd was in the 2008 olympics. his mount was gandalf

How tall is Mark Todd?

The UK equestrian Mark Todd is 6'3" tall (190 cm).

Mark Todd's achievements?

Mark todd does his shows and if he gets 1st, 2nd or 3rd he will get a trofie.

How much training does Mark Todd do?

Mark Todd does 3 years of traning, strict traning.

When was Mark Todd - politician - born?

Mark Todd - politician - was born on 1954-12-29.

When was Mark Todd - footballer - born?

Mark Todd - footballer - was born on 1967-12-04.

Does Mark Todd have any brothers or sisters?

matt todd and ella todd not interested in horses

What are Mark Todd's parents names?

sarah jean and michael todd

How many olympic medals has Mark Todd won?

Have a look on Mark Todd's wikipedia, it tells you everything on wikipedia.

Todd's favorite sport is fishing?

active / a+

Is mark Todd dead?


What is mark todd competting in?


What is Mark's full name?

Sir Mark James Todd

What actors and actresses appeared in We Todd Did - 2004?

The cast of We Todd Did - 2004 includes: Mark Duplass as Todd

How many gold medals has Olympic athlete Mark Todd won?

mark todd has won 15 gold medals

Mark Todd won a gold medal in which event?

Mark Todd is a two time Olympic gold medalist in equestrian.

In which sport did Todd Woodbridge represent Australia in?


What percentage of Americans are involved in a sport?

In the United States 62 percent of males are involved in a sport. Only 48 percent of females are involved in a sport.

When did mark Todd compete in the Olympics?


How is mark todd's coach and club?


What sports does mark todd play?