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Pole vault, which is an event in the sport of Track and Field.

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Q: What sport includes a pole?
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Kevin Jonas favroite sport is?

His favortie sport is pole voulting

What is Harry's favorite sport?

Pole dancing, and yeah, that is a sport, baby.

What is vietnams national sport?

Pole dancing

What is harry style favorite sport?

Pole dancing, and yeah, that is a sport, baby.

What is sport that begins with the letter p?


What sport uses a planting box?

Pole Vaulting

What sport uses the longest stick?

Pole Vault

What is Kevin Jonas's favorite sport?

Pole Vaulting

Kevin Jonas's favorite sport?

Pole vaulting

What is Kevin Jonas's favortie sport?

pole vaulting

Kevin Jonas's fave sport?

pole vaulting

What is the party sport of walking under a pole?


Is Antarctica located at the North Pole or the South Pole?

Antarctica is the continent which includes the South pole. at this time, I am not sure about whether it also includes the North Pole or not.

What sport would you associate the term volzing with?

Pole Vault

What does Kevin Jonas do for fun?

His favorite sport is pole vaulting.

When did pole vault become an olympic sport?

1896 it started in

For what reason is pole vaulting being played?

why the hell not its a sport

Which sport has 8 competitors per team?


Is there a sport starting with p?

Polo, Pole vaulting, and others.

Sport using a long stick to jump with?


What do you call the jump which includes using a pole?

A pole vault.

What is Kevin Jonas' favorite sport to watch and play?

Pole vaulting.

Which olympic sport requires a planting box?

pole vault

Who training for this sport are traditionally bricklayers during their apprenticeship?

pole vaulting

What sport uses poles as part of basic equipment?

Pole vaulting