What sport has the most referees?

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Football because in every professional match you need two referees of different cultures to the teams playing each other on that day.

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Q: What sport has the most referees?
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In what sport are the referees known as gyoji?

sumo wrestling

Does the sport squash have any referees?

yes. the ref is on the viewing deck. he is also does the score

What makes paintball a sport?

It has a professional league, teams, sponsors, referees, and an international community.

Why do sport referees where red and white stripe?

Since referees are on the court or the field or the pitch, wearing stripes allows them to be recognized and sets them apart from those that are playing the game.

What officials are there in athletics?

The names of athletic officials vary depending upon the sport. The most common include referees, umpires, head linesmen, officials, and judges.

How much money do pro sport referees make?

how much does a nhl ref make in a year

How many referees are needed in a baseball game?

Referees are not used in baseball games. This sport uses umpires. They are generally four umpires, one for each base, used in the game.

What do most English football referees do for a living?

Some referees are lawyers, policemen, firefighters and so on.

What are the referees called in ultimate Frisbee?

In the sport of Ulimtate Frisbee, there are no referees. Players must call their own fouls and etc. The game relies heavily on good sportmanship and the ''Spirit of the Game''

Are there backup refereees?

yes there are always backup referees in case one gets hurt,in any sport

Where are the umpires for soccer?

Soccer does not ave umpires, soccer has referees. learn te sport before you play it.

What do NFL referees do in the off season?

Most NFL referees have other jobs and work those during the off season. Some NFL referees are business owners or attorneys.

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