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Basketball has a bigger audience than volleyball.

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Q: What sport has the biggest world audience basketball or volleyball?
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What is Natalie's favorite sport?

basketball, tennis, or volleyball

What sport is for taller people?

basketball, football, volleyball

What is your favorite sport Soccer Volleyball Basketball Baseball or Laccrosse?


What is china anne mcClain's favorite sport?

volleyball and basketball

What sport originated in the US?


What is aeroball?

its a sport. A cross between basketball and volleyball on a trapoline!!

What is keshas favorite sport?

Volleyball its definitely not baseball or basketball$

Popular sport at school?


What is Poland's favorite sport or pastime?

volleyball, basketball and rugby

What is the biggest sport in Connecticut?

college basketball

What are the sport teams of Harvard university?

basketball soccer football and volleyball

What is Italys sport?

Italy's most popular sport, by far is soccer. This is followed by volleyball and basketball.

What is a pouplar sport at school?

usually a popular sport at school is soccer , football, basketball, and volleyball

What is the best sport for a tall kid?

Either volleyball or basketball. But it depends on what gender you are. if your a girl choose volleyball. but a boy should do basketball

Which is the national sport in Haiti?

Baseball and soccer and volleyball and basketball but mostly soccer

What is the favorite sport in venezuela?

Baseball. But also football soccer, basketball and volleyball.

What is the best sport for girls?

I would say either volleyball, basketball, or track

What sport has 10 letters?

Gymnastics Basketball Volleyball Equestrian THe list goes on.

What sport really hard to play?

Maybe..... Football Basketball Soccer Volleyball

Which sport is the coolest?

Volleyball is the coolest sport ever!! The 2nd is basketball. personally i think swimming is the coolest sport and running is 2nd.

What is a game or sport that starts with the letter b?

basketball, baseball, badminton, beach volleyball

What sport are played in Manitoba?

Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, golf, volleyball, badmintion and bowling

What sport do the Delaware Blue Hens play?

Volleyball, Football, Basketball, and (I think) soccer.

What sport do they play in Israel?

Soccer and Basketball are the two biggest.

What is a sport that is only played in the US?

The most famous sport is football and the other sports are basketball,rugby union,tennis,golf,volleyball,beach volleyball,hokey and baseball.