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Soccer for sure !

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Q: What sport has more running softball or soccer?
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Do more people like soccer or softball?

More people like soccer then softball because it is the most played sport in the world

Do you lose more weight in softball or soccer?

Soccer. MUCH more aerobic (running) excercise

Is softball a popular sport in th US?

Yes and no. it is not as near as popular as soccer, but more popular than lacrosse. almost every school has softball as a sport.

Why is running the best sport ever?

running is the best sport because it used in baseball soccer football and many more

Is soccer more fun than softball?

Absolutely! If you are having trouble picking a between these two sports, listen up. Softball would be more for people with more upper body strength than lower body strength, and for someone who doesn't particularly like to run. Soccer is for someone who has endurance when it comes to running, and for someone who is good with their feet and can handle immediate pressure well. Good luck playing the best sport ever, SOCCER!

Which is more of a sport track or softball?

there all sports.

What is the most liked sport in the world?

probably a sport with lots of running...well it depends what you mean by running sports would be soccer, track (running), football or lacrosse. Other sports require more strength like gymnastics, wrestling, weight lifting, and martial arts. idk im a gymnast...and you need to be strong, flexible, and used to injuries. you dont need to be fast that much only for the vault.

What are some softball drills?

some softball drills are running throwing fileding and much more

Can you wear soccer cleats for softball?

incorrect. They are very similar, but not quite the same. I have used soccer cleats to play softball with, so they will work, but I prefer the softball cleats. They have the toe spike and give you more support around the ankle.

Which sport is more popular football or soccer?

of course soccer. Le DUUHHHH!!!

What sport should you do if you love soccer but didnt have fun last year cause the ppl suck plus its more of a time commitment or do track which is still exercise but more flexible w people you like?

softball or basketball

What is the differences between softball and basball?

In softball, the ball is bigger. Baseball pitchers pitch the ball overhand while softball pitchers pitch underhand. Baseball is more of a boys sport and softball is generally more for girls.