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Absolutely! If you are having trouble picking a between these two sports, listen up. Softball would be more for people with more upper body strength than lower body strength, and for someone who doesn't particularly like to run. Soccer is for someone who has endurance when it comes to running, and for someone who is good with their feet and can handle immediate pressure well. Good luck playing the best sport ever, SOCCER!

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โˆ™ 2010-03-16 17:53:27
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Q: Is soccer more fun than softball?
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Why do you play softball?

I play softball because it builds character. Also, theres more to do in softball like batting, stealing, pitching catching, and infield/outfield than soccer or basketball. Its fun too, and it also builds endurance. Soccer and basketball can be cool but i prefer softball.

Is basketball better than softball?

NO!! Softball is way more fun and wayyy better than sotfball! Ive been playing for more than 10 years!

What fun things do they do in Japan?

hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, softball

What are good size breasts?

More than a handful is more fun. Anything softball sized or bigger is excellent.

What are the most fun outside games in America?

Football, Baseball, Soccer,and Softball are the main ones

Is football a better sport than soccer?

no because soccer is more fun and more excercise and it takes more skill to play soccer. football is all about brute strength.

How do you eat fun?

How to eat fun is impossible but you can have fun by being active and playing sports like softball, Basketball, soccer, football, and even ballet. That is how to eat fun E out

Is soccer more awesome than American football?

Yes, definitely! Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, more people watch it than anything else. Nothing else compares to amount of fun in soccer. So to answer your question, YES, soccer is a lot more awesome than American football!

What sport should you do if you love soccer but didnt have fun last year cause the ppl suck plus its more of a time commitment or do track which is still exercise but more flexible w people you like?

softball or basketball

Health benefits of softball?

softball can help ur muscles in your body. 2) softball is a fun sport for girls and boys. 3) softball contains atleast 12 players. softball can be a fun sport.

What is the difference between soccer in the 1940s and soccer of now?

Soccer in the 1940s was Bord but now thre's more fun. "And better soccer balls".

Is soccer fun to watch?

Yes it is fun to watch but its more fun to play and if u do you`ll see why it is the greatest sport in the world

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