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Sports such as alpine skiing, Snowboarding, windsurfing and water skiing have events called the slalom.

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Q: What sport has an event called the slalom?
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What Winter Olympics sport starts with the letter P?

Parallel giant slalom snowboarding is an event in the Winter Olympics.

What sport uses the term slalom?

Alpine Slalom skiingWhitewater slalom/kayakingFreestyle slalom skatingSlalom skateboardingSlalom water skiingSlalom ice skatingSlalom windsurfingSnowboard parallel giant slalom skiingKneeboard slalomAutoslalomDual slalom (mountain biking)

What is a ten event Olympics sport called?

A decathlon is a ten event sport at the Olympics.

What is a zigzag skiing event?

A zigzag skiing event is a slalom. A slalom is a timed race that is done on a wavy course that has upright flags.

Which winter olympic sport uses gates?

The skiing events, downhill, slalom, giant slalom, etc

What is a zigzag skiing event starting with s?


Name one Alpine skiing event?

Men's / Women's Super Giant Slalom (Super G), Giant Slalom (GS), Slalom (SL), Downhill, Combined.

A skiing event where athletes race down the hill?


What is Slalom?

Slalom is a discipline in alpine ski racing, a sport in which the racers go through a timed course to see who's the fastest.

When did snoeboarding be a Olympic sport?

Snowboarding was introduced in 1998 with halfpipe and giant slalom

A winter sport that starts with s?

Slalom, skiing, ski jump, snowboarding.

What ski races are in a combined event?

The combined time of the slalom and downhill race.

What is a Zigzag ski course called?


What is skiing in a zigzag way called?


What is it called to ski in a zigzap way?


What is an event of five sports called?

A sport including five (5) events is called a Pentathlon.

What is a skiers turn called?

Slalom. If that is the word you are looking for.

What is a 5 event sport of the Olympics?

From the Greek "penta" meaning five, this is called the Pentathlon.

Is kayaking a olympic sport?

Yes it is. There is both Slalom and Flat Water Sprints. Hope this have been of help :)

Is the Nascar race the World 600 the worst sport event in the US?

No. The World 600 race in Nascar, which is now called the Coca-Cola 600, is not the worst sport event in the US.

What are the 3 types of slalom races in alpine skiing?

Slalom, Giant slalom and Super giant slalom.

When did canoe slalom become an Olympic sport?

Slalom debuted at the 1972 Games in Munich and then was not competed again until the 1992 Games in Barcelona. It has been competed in every Olympics since 1992.

When did the event of K1 kayak slalom first start at the Olympic Games?

1972 Summer Games in Munich.

When is first tv sport event happen?

the first tv sport event was in 1922 and it was baseball.

What is the definition of combined mean?

Combined is an alpine skiing event. Although not technically a "discipline" of its own, it is sometimes referred to as a fifth alpine discipline, along with downhill, super G, giant slalom, and slalom.