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I think ping pong has a smaller ball

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Q: What sport has a smaller ball ping pong or squash?
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Type of ball that is smaller than a baseball?

Ping Pong Ball / Table Tennis Golf Ball Cricket Field Hockey Lacrosse Billiards / Pool Squash Are all smaller in diameter than a baseball

What sport uses the smallest ball?

The smallest regulation sport ball is the ping pong ball (40 mm diameter). Since the change from a 38 mm competition ball, there are squash balls that are smaller, but these can vary from 39.5 to 40.5 mm in diameter. The golf ball is slightly larger at 42.67 mm (increased in 1960 from 41.15 mm).

What sport has the smallest ball?

Ping-pong has the smallest ball.

What sport is the only sport where the offense doesn't have the ball?


Is a ping pong ball smaller than a golf ball?

Yes. it is smaller and it is also lighter than a golf ball

What sport uses the lightist ball?

Table tennis (ping pong)

Name all balls smaller than a baseball?

Tennis ball, ping pong ball, golf ball, racket ball, and hand ball.

What kind of sport is ping pong?

Table tennis or ping pong: it is a indoor game.It is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth using a table tennis racket

Which floats a baseball or a ping pong ball?

ping pong ball

What sport would you be playing if your ball weighs 1.6 ounces?

you would be playing ping pong (table tennis) the ball ways 1.6 ounces

Can a ping pong ball be balanced on another ping pong ball?

no , it cannot

Is ping pong a sport?

Ping-pong is a sport it is affiliated with hand eye coordination. The U.S. does have a ping-pong team and Singapore also have ping pong team.

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