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Swimming is a sport which gives you the most exercise. It uses your whole body just to get across to the other side of the pool. Sports like soccer, help build stamina. Swimming helps build muscle, and for younger children, helps with your height,. I think swimming is a great exercise for your overall body.

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Q: What sport gives you the most exercise?
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What sport gives the most exercise?

track is the sport that gives you the most excersise.

What sport is the most whole-body aerobic exercise?


What sport gives the most donations?


What sport gives in Scotland?

Football (soccer) is the most played sport in Scotland.

Which Wii sports segment gives you the most exercise?

in wii sports all the segments gives u the most exercise. but, in my opinion since i like boxing, the boxing segment gives me more exercise (and i need it since im kinda fat...ha ha ha). but all of them gives u a good amount of exercise.

What is the Definition of administration in sport?

a sport is any physical activity that can make you sweat and gives you excersise.Sports are forms of exercise where it is played like a game and there are rules and regulations

What does exercise sport casual and slow have in common?

What does exercise slow casual and sport have in common

What sport job gives you the most money?

Football or Rugby most definetly!

Why you should play any sport?

because participating in sport will get you some exercise, and exercise is good for you.

Purpose of sport?

Money and exercise

What you can get out of sport?

Lots of money and exercise :)

Is musical statue a sport?

No, it is an exercise

Do you consider dance is an exercise?

Most definitely, and dance at the competition level could be considered a sport as well.

Why is sport a good thing to be involved in?

it gives you exercise, helps burn calories, and helps you too meet new people and make new friends

Is exercise sport?

no it is a vital warm up/down before and after you play sport

What does sport provide?

Exercise, entertainment, competition

Why do you think badminton is considered a sport?

you do exercise

What is athletic conditioning?

Conditioning by which you train (by exercise in most sports) individually, with a coach, a partner, or teammates for a certain sport.

What are some health benefits of Gaelic Football?

like any sport, Gaelic football gives good aerobic exercise, plenty of physical training etc

What is exercise readiness?

if you are ready for sport and doing things like a BMI to see if you can do sport

How do you say du sport in English?

It would be the same as some sport or some exercise.

Is swimming a good abdominal sport?

Swimming is a good full body exercise sport.

Is yoyoing a real sport?

It sure can be a sport! It helps exercise your hands and fingers too!

What is a sport fanatic?

Yes sport is great for you weather its for fun or exercise it always benefits you

What is sport all about?

just for fun and to do some exercise