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Baseball --soccer-- come to mind at the moment

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Q: What sport during World War 1?
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What sport was played in Serbia during World War 1?


What were some sport during world war 1?

Soccer, hockey, football, baseball.

Why did the war during world war 1 in Europe become a stalemate?

Why did the war during world war 1 in Europe becomes stalemate

Did World War 1 soldiers receive medals after World War 1 or during?

During and after

What did people drink during World War I?

What was a popular drink during world war 1 & 2? What was a popular drink during world war 1 & 2?

Was the cold war during World War 1 and world war 2?

no only during ww2

Was 1916 during World War 1 or World War 2?

WW 1

What side was south Korea on during World War I?

First off, there was no South Korea during world war 1. Korea as a whole was neutral and was not involved in world war 1.

Who was important during World War 1?

The Women were very important during World War one.

Who was the Iron-Chancellor during World War 1?

Bismarck was the "Iron Chancellor" during World War I.

What European country was an alli during World War 1 but not during World War 2?


Who was president during World War 1 and World War 2?

the prez during ww1 was william and ww2 was roosevelt

Which country suffered the most losses during world war 1?

The Soviet Union suffered the most losses during World War 1. They had over 23 million casualties during the war.

Who was president during World War I for the us?

President Woodrow Wilson declared war on German in World War 1 and was in office during the war.

Did the Lusitania sink during World War I?

Yes. The Lusitania was torpedoed by one of the World War 1 submarine before in the middle of the war. It did sink during World War 1 and also, this brings the USA into the war in the year 1917.

did Einstein live during world war 1?

yes he was alive during the first and second world war.

Who was prsident during world war 1?

Woodrow Wilson was the President of the US during the first world war.

Did the Britannic sink during World War 2?

No. It sank in November 1916, which was during World War 1.

Why were schools closed during World War I?

Schools were not closed during World War 1.

Who was the leader of Japan during World War I?

Japan had two leaders during World War 1. From 16 April 1914

What did cooks do during World War I?

They cooked for the people at World War 1

What war caused Britain to increase taxes during World War I?

World War 1

What was the primary function of war boards during World War 1?

The main function of the war boards during World War 1 was to raise money for the war. Another function was to minimize the tax burden.

Who was the soldier at the end of World War 1- The War To End All Wars?

There were many soldiers at the end of the World War 1 during the end of the world war.

What was childhood like during World War 1?

Childhood was likely difficult in most parts of the world during World War 1. There were food shortages, and many males were absent from the home and serving the war.