What sport does zara Philips do?

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Zara Phillips does Equestrian Eventing as a sport.

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Q: What sport does zara Philips do?
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How old is Zara Philips?

Zara philips is 22

Why is zara Philips a show jumper?

Because she is .

Where does zara Philips live?

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Is Zara Philips in London 2012 Olympics?

of course

What is princess annes children names?

Peter & Zara Philips

When was Zara Philips born?

15 1771 september 36

Who is zara Philips?

Princess Anne's daughter therefore making her granddaughter to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Zara Philips is Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's oldest grandchild

How many children does princess anne have?

Two. Peter Philips and his sister Mrs. Zara Tindall néePhillips

What is the name of Zara Phillips husband and what sport do they separately take part in?

Zara Phillips is an equestrian. She is married to Michael Tindall.

Why isn't zara Phillips called princess?

because when she was born princess anne (her mum) didnt want her children to have titles, e.g. prince or princess, so that is why zara Philips is just plain miss.

What are the names of the eight grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II?

Prince William, Prince Harry, Zara Philips, Peter Philips, Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn

How is Zara Philips related to Prince William and Harry?

She's their cousin. Prince Harry and Prince Will are the sons of Prince Charles, who is the brother of Princess Anne. Zara Philips is Princess Anne's only daughter. She was 13th in line to the throne, but with the birth of her brother Peter's new baby girl on Dec 29, 2010, she will move down in the succession.

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