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The term 'bogey' is used in the sport of golf.

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Q: What sport do they use the term 'bogey'?
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What is the sport a player might bogey?

A player might bogey in the sport of golf.

Sport with slice and bogey?


What is a sport that has negative numbers for points?

Golf, because you can get below par, like a double bogey or a bogey.

What sport is bogey used in?

A bogey is used in golf and its when you hit in in the hole in about 4 or 5 shots.

With what sport do you associate the terms bogey drivergreenironputtand wood?


Where did the golf term bogey come from?

According to golf experts, the term came into fashion in the late 1800's when there was a popular song called "Bogey Man" which included the line "I'm the bogey man - catch me if you can". Originally the term was used for a good score in golf, but when the term "par" became widely used to describe that same desirable score, "bogey" changed meaning somewhat.

In which game bogey term is used?


What sport do you use the term chipping?

The term chipping is used in sport climbing, which is a form of rock climbing. In the sport of golf, the term 'chip shot' is often used.

In golf what is the term for a score of one over par on a hole?


What sport do you use the term setter?


In which sport do you use term scoop?


What golf term originated from a fictional monster?

Bogey, in golf used to indicate a score of one over par for a hole. Centuries ago a bogle was a Scottish goblin and the Bogey-man was a widely used term for a goblin or devil.

Which sport was the first to use the term Triple Crown?

horse racing was probably the first sport to use the term triple crown. obviously, this term is used in other sports such as baseball, but it originated from horse racing.

What does the term bogey mean?

One over par on a given golf hole.

In what sport would you use the term housel?

Not aware of any sport using this term. The only information I have on this is it is a termed used in the administration of the Eucharist.

What sport do you use the term slap shot?


In what sport would you use the term divot?


In which sport do participants use a half-nelson?

Wrestling is the sport where the term half-nelson is used.

Which sport is the term googly associated with?

This term is associated with cricket. It is the ball which the spinners use.

What sport was the first to use the term alley oop?

The term alley-oop was first used in the sport of basketball.

Why is a bogey called a bogey?

The term 'bogey' comes from a song that was popular in the British Isles in the early 1890s, called "The Bogey Man" (later known as "The Colonel Bogey March"). The character of the song was an elusive figure who hid in the shadows: "I'm the Bogey Man, catch me if you can." Golfers in Scotland and England equated the quest for the elusive Bogey Man with the quest for the elusive perfect score. By the mid to late 1890s, the term 'bogey score' referred to the ideal score a good player could be expected to make on a hole under perfect conditions. It also came to be used to describe stroke play tournaments - hence, in early Rules books we find a section detailing the regulations for 'Bogey Competitions.' It was only in the late 1900s/early 1910s that the concept of 'Par' started to emerge - this being the designated number of strokes a scratch player could be expected to take on a hole in ideal conditions. In this way par was distinguished from bogey. The term par itself is a standard term in sports handicapping, where it simply means 'level' or 'even.' "Bogey" was the first stroke system, developed in England at the end of the 19th Century. The full history is given in Robert Browning's History of Golf 1955. In 1890 Mr Hugh Rotherham Secretary of the Coventry Golf Club conceived the idea of standardising the number of shots at each hole that a good golfer should take, which he called the 'ground score.' Dr Browne, Secretary of the Great Yarmouth Club, adopted the idea, and, with the assent of the club's golfers, this style of competition was introduced there for use in match play. During one competition Mr CA Wellman (possibly Major Charles Wellman) exclaimed to Dr Browne that, "This player of yours is a regular Bogey man". This was probably a reference to the eponymous subject of an Edwardian music hall song "Hush! Hush! Hush! Here Comes the Bogey Man", which was popular at that time. So at Yarmouth and elsewhere the ground score became known as the Bogey score. A 'bogle' was a Scottish goblin as far back as the 16th Century and a Bogey-man was a widely used term for a goblin or devil. Golfers of the time considered they were playing a Mister Bogey when measuring themselves against the bogey score. In 1892, Colonel Seely-Vidal, the Hon Secretary of the United Services Club at Gosport, also worked out the 'Bogey' for his course. The United Club was a services club and all the members had a military rank. They could not measure themselves against a 'Mister' Bogeyor have him as a member, so 'he' was given the honorary rank of Colonel. Thus the term'Colonel Bogey' was born. Bogey competitions are still played at many clubs. Later Bogey was used as the term of one above Par.

Could you explain the game termanologies of golf?

What means Par ? What is a Birdie ? What is Bogey ? What is a Double Bogey ? When negative sign is next to a number or a plus ? You must be saying she doesn"t know anything. You are right but a love the sport> Thank you

In what sport would you use the term hat trick?


What sport would you use the term flights?

hockey and boxing

What sport would you use the term draw weight?