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Wrestling and Football (soccer)

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Q: What sport do the watch on tv in mexico?
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What sport do they watch on tv in mexico?


How do you say watch sport on television in french?

Watch sport on tv:Imperative mood: Regarde le sport à la télé or Regardez le sport à la téléI watch sport on tv: je regarde le sport à la télé

What is the best sport to watch on TV?

Ice Hockey

How often do you watch sport on television?

Personally, I'm a sport fan so I watch it often like 3 hours a day

What is john cena's favorite sport to watch on tv?

He likes to watch football and baseball.

What is favourite sport to watch on TV in Canada by men?


How has television affected sport?

because you can watch it more now

What sport does the Waterboy like to watch on TV?

Pro wrestling.

Can you watch Formula 1 in Crete and on which channel?

Yes you can and you can watch it on OTE Sport or Alpha TV

What is Joe Jonas favorite sport to watch?

I'm not exactly sure what his favorite sport is to watch, but i know that Wiffle Ball is his favorite sport (I'm not sure if that is on television). Mysterious Mentor

How many people watch sport on TV in Australia?

60 percent of the people, in Australia, watch sports on television. The most popular sport watch is soccer. World Cup soccer has the highest ratings of any sports.

How can you watch Real Madrid TV on comcast?

no you can't but you can watch it on jsc sport +9 and osn and -skysport

Where can you watch college football in Mexico City?

On a television I'm guessing.

How many people watch soccer in Mexico?

There is not statistics on how many people watch soccer in Mexico. It is estimated that millions of people watch the sport annually.

Are fighting sports good sport for people to see and watch on TV?

for sure

Which sport to many Americans watch on TV on Thanksgiving Day?

American Football

What is the most exciting sport to watch on Television?

In my opinion almost any contact sport such as rugby, American football, or hockey.

What are effect of sport channels to sport fans?

You watch more TV and you never want to see any games in public.

Where can you watch live bundesliga games on English tv?

you can watch sky sport setana and load of other channels on

Do you think There's too much sport on tv?

no their's no enough for kids to watch

How many people watch sport on Television?

Infinitly people watch sports because sports bring wining spirit to the people.

What is the most watched sport on TV in the world?

soccerActually I believe the current most watch sport "on TV" is Formula 1 Racing. 527 million people watched F1 in 2010

Tennis is an exciting sport to watch on television where is the simple subject?

The simple subject in that sentence would be tennis.

Which sports do kids watch most?

Generally football, as its the only sport that is always on TV. If there is anything exiting on like Golf Open or Olympics kids will watch that.

What is the french translation for he likes to watch sports on tv?

Il est un grand téléspectateur du sport.