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Q: What sport do the Brewers play in Wisconsin?
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Related questions

What state is does Milwaukee Brewers play in?


What sport does the Milwaukee Brewers play?


Where do the brewers play baseball?

miller park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Where do the Milwaukee Brewers play?

Miller Park, In Milwaukee Wisconsin

What state are the Milwaukee Brewers from?

The Milwaukee Brewers are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

What sport do the Bucks play in Wisconsin?

The Milwaukee Bucks play professional basketball for the NBA.

Where is the Brewers Stadium?

Miller Park (the brewers stadium) is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

What state is the millwaukee brewers in?


What state is the baseball team the Brewers from?


What state do the Milwaukee Brewers come from?


Where is the Milwaukee Brewers located?

in milwakee wisconsin at miller park

What is Wisconsin's Major League baseball team?

Milwaukee Brewers

What is the web address of the Historic Brewers Hill Of Shermans Addition Inc in Milwaukee Wisconsin?

The web address of the Historic Brewers Hill Of Shermans Addition Inc is:

What are all of Wisconsin professional sport teams?

Hockey:Milwaukee Admirals Baseball:Milwaukee Brewers Football:Green Bay Packers Soccer:Milwaukee Wave Basketball:Milwaukee Bucks

Who plays at brewers field?

the Milwaukee brewers play at millerpark,not brewers park

Is Milwaukee Brewers the Wisconsin Major-League Baseball team?


What professional baseball team is based on Milwaukee Wisconsin?

Milwaukee Brewers

Does Wisconsin have a professional sports team?

Obviously! The Packers, the Brewers, the Bucks.

In what state would the Brewers home game be in?

Milwaukee Wisconsin at Miller Park

What is wisconsin's state sport?


What sports are played in Wisconsin?

People in Wisconsin play many sports. There are those that hunt, fish, and hike. In the winter, they ski, cross country ski, and snowmobile. The Green Bay Packers are a near religion in the state. The Milwaukee Brewers play in Milwaukee. The University of Wisconsin has a basketball and football team. There are car races in Plymouth, Kaukana, La Crosse, Elkhart, Union Grove and Sun Prairie.

What do you mean by brewers?

the Milwaukee Brewers, the best baseball team in the NL Central. Go Brew Crew the Milwaukee Brewers ARE in the NL central.they are located at Milwaukee,Wisconsin. And their park name is MIller Park.

Where is millar park?

Millar Park is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is the home field for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Will the Milwaukee Brewers play the blue jays in 2014?

Yes the Brewers are scheduled to play the entire AL East division in 2014

Did Derek Jeter play for the Milwaukee Brewers?

No, Derek Jeter has never played for the Brewers.