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They play soccer. Outside of the United States, the sport of soccer is known as football.

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Q: What sport do soccer players play?
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Do soccer players have to be catholic?

No, soccer is a sport, not a faith. You don't have to belong to any faith to play.

Why do the scottish play soccer?

Soccer is an international sport. There are many excellent players and managers that have originated from Scotland

Who do guys prefer to date volleyball players or soccer players?

Both! There really is no preference based on the sport you play. It all depends on the girls being compared not the sport.

How do soccer players get recognition?

Soccer players get recognition by being a good sport.

Is soccer a sport?

Soccer is most definitely a SPORT. Soccer players are serious athletes who spend a great deal of time on fitness, strength skill and field knowledge. Those who say that it isn't a sport, probably cant even play either.

What do soccer players do to stay healthy?

Soccer is a healthy sport sport because they players constantly move up and down the field.

During what months do you play the sport soccer?

What months do you play the sport soccer

Why do soccer ball player want be come champions?

Like in any sport, those that play soccer want to be champions in whatever competition they play. Soccer is no different than any other sport in that regard. Players obviously do not want to lose or to not win things.

What is the most popular winter sport in new zealand has the most players actively playing?

Soccer is the most popular winter sport in NZ, more kds play soccer than rugby

Do more people play soccer than rugby?

Yes, soccer is by far the most played sport in the world, with hundreds of thousands of professional players.

When did soccer become a professional sport?

Soccer became a Professional sport when teams began paying players to play for their wandering teams in the early 1800's. (Also the reason why many Soccer Teams are called the Wanderers or Rovers) Many teams were a collection of players who were drawn from various areas areas to compete against other teams, and to attarct the best players, some teams started paying players to play for them. This made them a "professional" player.

Why do soccer players fake injuries?

Soccer is a great sport. I call it a sport because it's athletically challenging and requires a good deal of skill. Players fake injuries during play because that is often an easy way to draw a penalty or free kick.

Why do soccer players hate the term soccer?

Soccer/football players hate the term soccer as the correct and origanal name of the sport is football.However in America is called soccer as they have American football this is why the term soccer is disliked by the players

Whats the purpose of the job of being a pro soccer player?

Well, its the same as any other sport, whether it be baseball, football etc. Professional soccer players play because they love the sport and for entertainment.

Where can one play soccer in Brazil?

There are many places where one can play the sport of soccer in Brazil. One can play the sport of soccer in Brazil at popular places such as the Brazilian Soccer Center.

Do soccer players and footy players have the same name?

its the same sport

Which sport has 8 players on ateam?


What team in sport has 12 players?


Which sport has ten players on a team?


What sport has 11 players to a team?

soccer :P and football :)

Do soccer players play aggressive on the field?

yes soccer players play very aggressively on the field.

Is soccer an endurance sport?

It can be argued that soccer is an endurance sport. Even though it's a timed team sport, players at the international level run up to 7 miles per match. Soccer players are some of the most fit athletes in the world.

Which specific sport does soccer am focus on?

They mostly focus on the sport soccer. They also focus on jockeys and horse racing. But the main theme for soccer am is the sport soccer. Sometimes they even might focus on football players.

What is Argentina's National Sport?

soccer Pato is the national Sport (Played on horses, like Polo). We are better known for it's soccer players but i is NOT our National Sport.

Is chess a sport and if so how is it one?

Chess is a sport because in a sport there are 2+ players who play and in Chess there are 2 players who play.